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Sven Marnach

1684.97 (213th)
423,511 (59th)
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Title Δ
how to implement an iterator that delegates to HashMap::values() 0.00
I get a "no 'Json' in root" error when building a... 0.00
Is there a shorter way of writing function signatures that take and... +1.64
How to deal with boxed and chained error on rust? 0.00
Is there a way to partition a vector into odd and even numbers in p... 0.00
Cannot assign because it is borrowed in a method of a structure tha... 0.00
Can't move value in mutually exclusive `Entry` API methods 0.00
What is the fastest correct way to detect that there are no duplica... +0.25
rust - return type from generic function with traits 0.00
Do iterators return a reference to items or the value of the items... 0.00
Why is a set object stored as a frozenset and a list object as a tu... -0.54
Why closure return type definition must include '_ lifetime? 0.00
Why can I use a mutable variable such that its lifetime overlaps wi... 0.00
Mysterious conflicting implementations +1.38
How to update a yaml file with dynamic properties in Rust? 0.00
Running Python code in parallel from Rust with rust-cpython 0.00
Entry::or_insert executes despite a value already existing 0.00
Why is the mutability of a variable not reflected in its type signa... +1.57
Implementing a lazy load in by way of enum type in Rust 0.00
How do I define a nested HashMap with an unknown nesting level? 0.00
Is mutable accessor using a cast safe? 0.00
How to avoid transitive type dependencies? 0.00
Why can't Rust use the size of a generic parameter as an array... 0.00
Git repo with production branch only (no development history) 0.00
When do I need to make a closure variable mutable? +2.21
How to use leading_zeros/trailing_zeros in platform independent way? 0.00
Rust Embedded panic destroys stack 0.00
What does "cannot borrow as immutable because it is also borro... 0.00
Why is transmuting &T to &mut T Undefined Behaviour? -2.73
How to safely remove item from a vector? 0.00
How is Python statement x=x+1 implemented? -2.73
Processing possible single elements inside a flat_map in Rust 0.00
Casting a function reference producing an invalid pointer? +1.28
Tools for inspecting .rlib files 0.00
How to bound a type on a recursive std::ops::Deref? -2.73
How to call serde_json::to_writer twice with the same mutable borrow? 0.00
How can I match and modify an element in a Vec<Option<HashSet... -0.26
Why does b+=(4,) work and b = b + (4,) doesn't work when b is a... -1.78
Why is an explicit dereference required in (*x).into(), but not in... +0.24
Rust overflowing shift left -2.74
How does one restrict a lifetime to a closure environment in rust? 0.00
How to move values out of a vector when the vector is immediately d... -1.37
How to conditionally deserialize JSON to two different variants of... +0.24
What happens to heap allocated value after variable that holds the... 0.00
Rust: macro for the length of an array -0.23
Does type constructor implement Fn? +0.95
How to compare &self in struct's method with another struct +2.28
Cargo build package with conflicting features from the same git rep... 0.00
Lifetime mismatch in a double mutable borrow 0.00
Ownership, closures, FnOnce: much confusion -0.59