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Sven Marnach

1688.95 (202nd)
550,133 (48th)
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Title Δ
When is it useful to use `ref` with a function paramter 0.00
Implementing a trait method returning a bounded lifetime reference... -0.75
What is the branching factor of BTreeMap and BTreeSet? 0.00
Can't box a struct that implements a trait as a trait object 0.00
Making a generic From/Into shortcut for two-steps From +0.75
Rust function syntax question, example seem in nom +1.26
Parsing a datetime string to local time in rust chrono 0.00
How to delete the contents of a file before writing to it? +1.28
Why does Rust only use 16 significant digits for f64 equality checks? +1.25
How does compiler infer that Box is borrowing the one which its con... 0.00
How to group by non consecutive Vec elements in Rust? 0.00
Is this code safe with python threading module? 0.00
Filter the maximum from a tuple using Python Lambda function +0.68
Is there a way of listing all tests in a Cargo project without runn... 0.00
How can i make a function which will print the values of the list t... 0.00
How to check if list contains dict element with same key 0.00
How do I parse a float from a string that might contain left-over c... 0.00
How safe is unsafe cast when it is checked by type_id? 0.00
Rust - how to find n-th most frequent element in a collection 0.00
How to modify a struct entry in a list? 0.00
Rust implement the function as long as `Integer::from` works 0.00
Why I can use dynamic dispatch with Rc but not RefCell? 0.00
Why lifetime check differs between Vec::as_slice and array's co... -2.84
Crossbeam zero-capacity channel which does not block on send 0.00
Using `flat_map` to create iterator over fields for slice of struct 0.00
How does the Vistor trait allow only partial implementation? 0.00
Why can I not return a reference from a closure? +0.25
How to blacklist a specific version of a dependency in a cargo.toml... 0.00
dividing a row in a matrix using numpy 0.00
Rust stacked optional in while let +1.77
Get hour of year from a Datetime +0.25
Unwrapping a skipped Chars iterator +1.32
Obtain a mutable reference to a immutable variable? 0.00
Cannot access mutable reference in a vector by indexing -2.36
Using for-loop for choosing from specified list (no while-loops) +0.26
Why calling iter on array of floats gives "temporary value is... +0.25
Stack of references in unsafe Rust, but ensuring that the unsafenes... -1.17
fold is picky about closures it accepts -2.05
What is Rust strategy to uncommit and return memory to the operatin... 0.00
Generate Fibonacci Sequence in Compile-Time using generics -0.70
How to access index in position method of iter? +1.69
Specify method implementation in impl for trait with shadowing meth... 0.00
Logically yet illegaly uninitialized variable in Rust -1.36
How do I create a vector of closures that can take in any argument? +0.00
How can I serialise Rust object to Rust literals using serde? 0.00
How to compile a library with a variable specified via command line? 0.00
In stable rust, how to move the minimum value out of an array, drop... 0.00
Rust String vs &str iterators +1.09
Can't use `-Z macro-backtrace` unstable option with `cargo` 0.00
How to remove default "Error" from main Result handler 0.00