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John Marshall

1551.98 (7,213th)
5,629 (29,080th)
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Title Δ
Make should not rebuild deep dependencies -4.05
Makefile - samtools installation failed 0.00
check out a "pull request" on Git to review/test a PR +3.79
the behavior when a gnu make phony target happens to be the same as... 0.00
building cross binutils fr30-unknown-none unsupported 0.00
Why automatic variable in my makefile doesn't find any target? +2.87
"Label at end of compound statement" error, MacPorts, CGM... 0.00
automatically remove wildcard files when they exist 0.00
How to prove the ownership of a public git/github repo? -3.24
different output in Makefile rule 0.00
Makefile vpath %.o not finding obj files +3.71
Oracle Instant Client link error when building on OSX +4.21
Export sequences to fasta wide format 0.00
undefined reference error while compiling libcvd -4.56
How to build multiple targets from one makefile -3.46
What does this line do? +0.82
C preprocessor redefine conflict dependent on include order 0.00
Unable to link math lib using a makefile +3.34
While (( c = getc(file)) != EOF) loop won't stop executing -3.73
Compiling Node gives "No-old-style-declaration" flag error +3.37
GNU Make. Variables with a scope limited to a single Makefile 0.00
Colorizing the output of :make, :grep, etc., in Vim 0.00
Get base name of folder in GNU make 0.00
How can I pass multi-line input (stdin) into a command I'm executin... -4.72
shell command in dmake adds '/S' 0.00
Fake dynamic files in Makefile 0.00
make: substitution references on a variable more than once? 0.00
Why doesn't my make file leave behind object files? 0.00
How to follow linking order when linking against static library wit... 0.00
gcc configure, set defaults? 0.00
Trailing comments after variable assignment subvert comparison +3.52
Correct way to handle linking in Makefiles? +0.96
GNU make, how to determine a path is a file or a directory? +2.21
What purpose does this code change serve? -1.89
Why is this code resolved to true? -3.24
how to use a loop in make recipe +3.32
macro `AM_PATH_CPPUNIT' not found in library 0.00
include makefile, what does (search path) (no ~ expansion)... mean? 0.00
"error: '=' : left operand must be l-value"? (When using... +1.19
Makefile odd behaviour 0.00
Include header that may or may not exist on Windows -3.90
What are the conventions for stdout/stderr messages? +3.29
Throw and ternary operator in C++ +3.62
Project Euler (#17) -0.43
make: execute an action for each prerequisite 0.00
Why does this (i = ++i % 3) generate a warning: "may be undefi... -0.02
Why is no qualification necessary? -0.53
Strange error in variable values C++ -0.20
Why can I successfully compile a program even though a header file... -0.05
Makefile run processes in background -0.04