An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1502.97 (313,149th)
1,378 (116,720th)
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Title Δ
Trying to convert Date formatter type (from time picker) to Integer +0.62
Pass JSON result to second webservice to get final results using Al... 0.00
How to create and use a custom UIPasteboard in Swift 0.00
iOS Animation Success Popup -2.25
Use of unresolved identifier 'UINavigationBarAppearance' in... +3.97
How get days name from two days in swift -2.05
How do I display contacts when UITextField is clicked? 0.00
How to hide a UILabel from another UIViewController using Notificat... 0.00
how to update realm object based on the certain property in Realm? -1.61
Google maps navigation when I click on marker icon -2.08
iOS Terminated due to signal 9 on allowing permission +3.95
popToRootViewController then pushViewController 0.00
Avoiding string to be considered optional in swift -3.47
Will subview UIView get any callback when the containing UIViewCont... -4.26
Setting NSCameraUsageDescription programmatically? +3.71
Remove a particular push notification from notification center tray 0.00
How to get the Lowest and Highest Value from Dictionary in Swift -2.99
Customise SafariViewController with APPAUTH swift 0.00
JSON Parsing - What are the alternate ways without URL Session task... 0.00
Table View Cell getting deselected after first tap. 0.00
How to skip return value in function where value is expected +5.45
How to make the combination of elements from an array and display o... +3.35
How to copy to the UIPasteBoard from the Quick Actions menu without... 0.00
Getting the View's center when initialing a variable 0.00
UIStackView Hide Animation not working properly +4.22
do we need to explicitly case type when converting? 0.00
Setting delegate for a property that's has a default value from... 0.00
UICollectionView cells not aligned properly +4.05
What's the correct usage of URLSession, create new one or reuse... +4.19
Is it possible to install both objective c and swift library with C... 0.00
RGB Color, wrong color +4.45
Xcode: Missing private key +4.24
How to make top edges of a UIbutton square in swift3 ios +0.14
How to quit or close single simulator from opened multiple simulato... -4.17
inaccessible due to 'internal' protection level swift 3 -0.18
Xcode 8 automatic build when any change +4.28
how to set request timeout in alamofire? -2.09
Draw UIView with bezier path 0.00
Archive of iOS app says uploaded correctly to iTunes connect but ca... +0.19
What does Pod Repo Remove Master do? 0.00
can we get location updates in IOS swift in a regular intervel of t... 0.00
Get Current month and year from FSCalender -Swift -3.71
Personal Hotspot breaks UI layout +0.06
iOS App layout is wrong with calling status bar 0.00
iOS - Can AutoLayout make constraint like view0.height = view1.heig... 0.00
Make UITextField accept small alphabet letter only in Swift? -0.82
UITableViewCell image loading wrong images +0.11
Type 'Any' Has no Subscript Members in Xcode 8.1 Swift 3 0.00
Xcode 8 : Auto layout Leading & Trailing -1.98
Count value is changed when tableview is scrolling -0.87