An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1649.64 (570th)
351,353 (102nd)
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Title Δ
undefined reference to `vec_expand_' 0.00
do while loop to ask for positive input and less than 10 0.00
Multiplication table in c by 'while' -0.20
Trying to read a specific format from a file -0.20
Delete all occurrences of a number in a linked list using recursion -0.47
Display randomly picked words in a string - Python 0.00
How ## operator in macro works? 0.00
How do I replace lookup_widget in Glade3/GTK3 code? +1.49
Right shift operation on 32 bit variable 0.00
How are CPython extensions able to call functions defined inside CP... 0.00
Getchar() keeps returning 1 0.00
How would I get rid of segmentation fault error while taking user i... 0.00
what did printf do here? +1.19
How to dereference a void pointer as a string 0.00
How I can check if a string is defined or not? 0.00
The first element of my output is wrong where I want to write a C f... -1.21
Embedded C code unexplainable syntax error; Expected ... before ... 0.00
Assign only one node of a struct to the same type of struct -1.90
statvfs wrong SD available size returned 0.00
What can I do to fix this do-while? 0.00
In a code segment of Hackerrank it was advised to make the string s... -2.21
I want to show integer while using write function +0.29
Can I store UTF8 in C-style char array +1.15
How to get button label from gtk_container_get_children 0.00
Python not updating variable defined as a calculation of other two... +1.30
How to read multiple strings in C one in a line, each containing sp... 0.00
I can't get my file to be read and printed properly in C, only... 0.00
allocate a float vector with subscript range v[nl..nh] +0.82
Can I run a C function both with and without arguments? -2.59
How do I loop over an array in a function in C? 0.00
How read remember the last offset of file? +0.95
A variable value is different when it is printed after structural a... -1.85
memcpy fails for struct that contains char array -2.53
my program crashes when i have read in all the scores 0.00
How to get number at decimal position -0.21
How can *ptr be used with (.) and (&test) can be used with ->... -1.57
Unexpected, unintended output during runtime 0.00
wrong way to free a data structure +1.01
C: inet_ntop return value position? +1.41
Why is the unsigned variable storing negative value? +1.88
How to get the length of all strings in an object in C +1.30
Confusion about an error: lvalue required as unary '&'... +1.40
"error: 'value' redeclared as different kind of symbol... 0.00
error: ordered comparison of pointer with null pointer [-Werror=ext... +1.94
C: does the assignment operator deep copy? +1.53
Passing special character as argument +1.53
Program always crashes while creating a linked list from a file -0.61
what will happen if we dont use free() for allocated memory +0.29
Is it possible to declare a weak function by passing an argument to... 0.00
i am trying to write Euclidean Algorithm but program crash when i u... +0.69