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Shahjehan Ali Chughtai

1496.56 (4,029,139th)
108 (681,979th)
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Title Δ
selecting and styling odd numbered portfolio items using jquery +0.25
How to fix jQuery 'length' of undefined problem in browser... -4.06
I need to create a table which is more difficult than my normal tab... -4.52
Allow only only one cell per column to be selected in HTML table us... +0.10
How to hide image of navigation menu when scroll down? -0.34
Align text to font awesome icons -3.38
Horizontal menu bar with arrows in mobile -1.54
twitter like button animation using css +1.22
Get browser proxy IP and port using pure JavaScript 0.00
Issue with custom select +4.00
Sticky nav with click to scroll function +5.85
How to add class to li element usign jQuery? -1.18
how to find all elements by class name starts with "x" +0.15
Firefox display-table-cell not showing border-right and bottom 0.00