An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1559.78 (5,644th)
14,627 (9,694th)
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Title Δ
Tailwind css translate-y-full does not work 0.00
Next.js - axios in getInitialProps returns 404 0.00
How do I store an input value in an array using foreach? +0.41
Index must be within the bounds of the List - C# error +1.47
Top was not declared in this scope +1.44
C++ error "undefined reference to" when compiling test code -0.08
What <void(void)> means in template arguments -0.53
Conditional automatic variable +0.38
C Include .h not working? -0.03
Toupper not working with char array +0.86
How to implement 3 <= X <= 10 in C++? +0.53
How can I check if a string has two words with a hyphen between them? +1.68
Why char value copy won't work in OS X? +0.85
How to split this string to an array? +0.77
How do C or .NET programmers store and load strings in their progra... +1.02
C# run function while it returns list of objects +0.54
What notation is preferable: int &a or int& a? -0.46
Removing int value in dynamic array and setting it to NULL -0.90
OpenNetCf - C# into VB -0.02
i cannot solve this error in my code expected expression before ‘;’... -1.51
How can I change a form's color and size in C#? +1.31
Problems with 'int' +1.53
Different port Socket C# for sending and receive -1.61
When add include netfilter.h i got error that fields 'in','in6' has... +1.81
If statement not working how I want it to +0.63
Seeding If Else Conditionals in C +0.70
Changing Form Label Text Outside of Form.h 0.00
Dividing by two integers does not return expected result +1.01
Am I inserting into the STL map the right way? Won't it leak memory? +1.83
Why do sizeof statsements produce different results? -1.13
C++ references and references parameters +2.49
Angle Hit Comparision: Fails to detect hit +1.02
How to convert Dictionary<int, long> to string array/list? +2.12
C++ Overloading '--' postfix operator -0.07
An extra input appears -0.49
Memory leak in C++ application 0.00
how can I printf in c -0.44
C# - how to check if a process was successfully started -0.57
c# Openfiledialog +0.68
How can I unsubscribe to this .NET event? 0.00
Is there a leak in this C code? -1.63
what's the meaning of *& -2.04
object reference = string reference; change to one doesn't affect t... +0.38
Dividing Math with C# -0.57
How do i translate this into c# +0.41
When to use extern in C++ -0.69
Function Not getting called +1.03
Given a absolute bit number (ex. 24), how do I set the appropriate... 0.00
auto incrementing macro expansion +0.30
Why "Only constants can be used to declare the size of automat... -1.62