An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1560.74 (5,341st)
28,697 (4,321st)
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Title Δ
pass shell parameters to awk does not work -0.37
Arithmetic operation in Assembly +1.52
JVM performance tuning: young copy vs old generation gc 0.00
What is used instead of FP in 8086 assembly? 0.00
How much bad can be done using register variables in C++ -1.38
How can I safely iterate a lua table while keys are being removed +1.99
How does Luabind work? -0.37
Lua inner function vs module-level function +0.42
Is there a opensource dialect of VB6? +1.57
Prolog embedding in java help +1.93
"Attempt to index local..." Why am I getting this error? -0.87
Strange segmentation fault in assembly 0.00
difference between embedded Operating system and Desktop Operating... +1.44
Why use OTP with erlang? +2.09
Which is faster : if (bool) or if(int)? +0.35
Is "monkey patching" really that bad? +1.87
Realisticly why would I use duck-typing or inversion of control? -0.76
How could random functions be really random? -0.58
How would I call a function several times changing the random numbe... -1.97
What's the equivalent of "here printing" in Javascript? 0.00
Lua Multidimensional Table Create 0.00
KeyPress event in Lua? +1.79
A regex I don't understand 0.00
Creating programming language question -1.00
Does the java world have a task queue similar to celery? +0.75
GAWK Script - Print filename in BEGIN section -0.09
Can anyone help me make sense of all these Java versions? -1.51
Understanding concept of free -0.44
Why are browsers allowed to display client-side source code? +0.09
Developing a game with complex (and undefined) rules? -0.41
How can I see local variable symbol name in disassembly? (from C so... -0.81
Java - how to stop a thread running arbitrary code? +1.41
8-bit binary addition +0.62
Stack-based machine depends on a register-based machine? +0.03
Android or Java EE -0.65
Is a += b more efficient than a = a + b in C? +1.67
Doubt in STL priority_queue instantiation -2.23
Erlang record item list -0.31
Erlang: defining some class of objects with methods and fields +0.27
RVM won't install JRuby, gets exception -0.57
what does it mean when they say http is stateless +1.19
Are there programming languages that extend more than one language... -1.57
What's the best way to do multiple requires in Ruby? -1.65
Weird Phenomenon in Java -1.48
How to determine whether a given string is an .xml file -0.45
Lisp and Erlang Atoms, Ruby and Scheme Symbols. How useful are they? +0.50
Is segment-offset method common to all x86 chips or just 8086? +0.22
Prolog Programming +0.35
Suggestions for a business application using logic based system lik... +0.45
How to convert Chinese characters to Pinyin -0.05