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Amin Jafari

1484.58 (4,348,350th)
6,150 (26,425th)
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Title Δ
How to change the color of a span tag dynamically? +0.52
How do you merge certain items in a JavaScript array? -0.25
Convert string to Array of letters and then output each SPAN +1.09
How to view Print result RTL 0.00
Change color of svg on hover 0.00
Hamburger menu works but after I click on menu link it disappears 0.00
Object defined by an anonymous function, how does it work? +0.33
gradually decrease variable in javascript -0.23
Why are the props undefined for my React Component -0.44
One React Component. Two HOCs. How to make setState correctly updat... 0.00
Need help changing appendChild to replaceChild +2.39
Please use POST resquest when sending form with JS -1.11
Wait for object array to load and map() it. React -2.01
How to center multiple images +0.06
understanding cascading and css initial -0.96
Some issues styling a mobile slide left menu 0.00
how to call componentWillReceiveProps in componentWillMount? 0.00
How to make an element change its font-size on scroll? +0.01
Mongoose get documents that are in multiple collections +0.01
How to center multiple items/images inside a div -0.50
disable propagation of css hover when nested -0.88
div not floating inside parent div with display inline-block +0.00
Place div inside div in a responsive design +0.51
Confused about arrays on javascript -0.76
Javascript 2 way data binding, Not framework -0.68
Nested List in Angular JS - Cant figure out how to do 0.00
What's the JS RegExp for this specific string? -0.86
Executing Javascript function with first option of select element a... +0.00
JQuery: send POST request with parameter from Javascript variables +0.12
Why is this CSS animation (transform: scale) starting in the wrong... 0.00
'this' in call function when it is used in subclass with su... 0.00
Accessing file with JS when files are a folder deeper than domain 0.00
Why is this :checked selector not working? +0.50
How do I have the follow dashed span line effect? 0.00
Use custom tag using JavaScript only +0.57
alert prompt when user try to move away from page 0.00
Bootstrap Basic -0.90
How to escape module pattern long namespace 0.00
JS - Add browser specific prefixes to all CSS transforms +0.01
how to display drop down menus on tab +0.52
Retrieve property from JavaScript object +0.00
JS get element position after animation interrupt 0.00
show confirmation modal dialog after form submission +0.30
Cross-tab popout +0.52
CSS ::after background not displaying +0.49
Flexbox right space on the right side +0.52
Size of fixed position alerts in bootstrap +0.52
Grid view (same width / different heights) - 3 columns | CSS -0.30
Align items using flex +0.66
Is it possible to detour Built-In JavaScript Function -0.37