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Tim Schmelter

1757.15 (34th)
439,095 (79th)
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Title Δ
Filter a collection with another list using lambda expression 0.00
How to replace duplicates in an array with 0 +0.19
DataAdapter.Fill returns the row count but Rows.List is null 0.00
Adding distinct sum and count columns based on another to datatable... 0.00
How to sum up values of duplicate keys in a dictionary? +0.58
How to constructor in constructor 0.00
How do I remove all null or empty elements from my array in +0.19
Sequence contains no elements even though it does 0.00
ICollection.ToList().Insert doesn't insert value +0.63
How to sort an array of string representing numbers (positive and n... +0.91
Count on Groupby & update column value C# DataTable 0.00
Check whether two datatables contain the same data +1.01
How to filter String array with integer array with LINQ by index? +0.19
How to get same values from different keys in a Dictionary? 0.00
Rounding differences between decimal and double when formatting wit... 0.00
LINQ Get Results of object contained in another List by more than o... -3.03
How can i link a user input to a string +0.18
If condiction with two different values for same variable +1.10
LINQ: select first value of every minute in table +0.51
Need mm/dd/yyyy format in the first column of datatable 0.00
Is there a way to split a list in the following format : 'strin... 0.00
Dictionary containing Functions and Optional parameter 0.00
setOrdinal not working properly when table is bind to datasource 0.00
IList does not contain a definition <linq function> +1.42
LINQ - How to ignore empty lists in where +0.26
No equality on GroupBy item 0.00
Cannot group by Year, Month and Date C# 0.00
Export DataTable Contents to CSV Files 0.00
How to insert current date and time on a specific column in sql usi... +0.19
Remove duplicates by priority +0.64
How to remove zeros from datetime string C# 0.00
Add a completely different line with every button click +0.19
Building LINQ query to get List of Dictionaries from Dictionary of... 0.00
How could I avoid == null checking? +1.02
If Else Statement inside entity query +0.18
How to get only one value from the record in the list in c#? +0.19
How to replace a specific string using method? +1.48
Is there a LINQ-way to append the same character n-times to a string? 0.00
Grouping using multiple columns, then summing a specific column usi... 0.00
How to use a foreach loop to pick required words from an array? +0.18
Get string between specific character +0.48
Possible shorthand solution for OR operator issue +0.19
C# linq multiple sorts in one clause +0.84
Can't use sum in anonymous type 0.00
Get all numbers within a range (12300 > 12400) +0.50
How to refactor a switch case? +0.20
DataView.RowFilter to find Like '%*%' 0.00
counting digits in an integer from textbox except "0" +0.43
LINQ Enumerable strategy comparison: Any, Count, SingleOrDefault 0.00
How do I efficiently get the property as a list from IReadOnlyColle... +1.00