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Tim Schmelter

1719.81 (71st)
236,172 (60th)
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Title Δ
C# Console.WriteLine Weird +0.52
Should I use my object as Dictionary key value or concatenated string -3.01
Fastest way of checking if a number is within a range +1.89
Attempted to divide by zero Linq -0.12
Refreshing a page to display statistics for time now 0.00
How can I search for two things in a text file that both are option... +0.22
How do i extract from a nested dictionary? -1.96
Dropdownlist is not changing the gridview data after postback 0.00
if condition between from time and to time 0.00
Conditionally map a new property in LINQ based on another value +0.66
How to correctly select data from LINQ to Entities expression? +0.22
What could be the best way to get file path 0.00
Merge two datatables in C#? +0.21
Transforming if in single LINQ expression -2.40
How to remove empty rows and extra columns from datatable 0.00
Any design pattern for the nested if statements? +0.22
Changing an element in a dictionary value array in c# +0.23
Swap list box content to other listbox in Visual Basic 0.00
How to skip =<2 blank row using Datatable C#? +0.83
split a number into an array of strings +0.19
C# Fill an array with all the buttons being used in Windows form -0.62
Can an item in a foreach be null +0.82
HasValue giving value 0 instead of Nothing +0.94
Split string into substrings based on the separator from the left +0.22
Check if value is 0 with extension method +0.42
How to get strings before and after specified text, then print to t... -0.99
How to save value of field in class -1.14
Split string by second comma, then by third comma +0.21
Timespan addition from a string 0.00
Check if form's icon is nothing or set to the default one? 0.00
Algorithm for search multiple value lists c# -0.77
Not able to find embedded control in gridview 0.00
Get all lists wich contains a subset of items +0.86
LINQ to filter duplicate column values and replace duplicate values... 0.00
Getting Count Of Rows In DataTable With Variable 0.00
Remove the distance between count and capacity in List -1.38
C# - Generating random username with up to 3 digits puts 4 digits s... -0.04
how to convert datetime datatype to string in + vb 0.00
Visual C#, Multiple DataTable with the same columns 0.00
Best way to add delimeter betwen text in an array? -2.53
c# DateTime.Equals() not working properly +0.63
Supporting enum arg from multiple definitions in C# -1.02
How get private properties of Class/BaseClass? 0.00
C# convert roundtrip date string to DateTime object 0.00
Including Select Count(*) in Linq Query VB.NET 0.00
Increment a value when conditions are met, otherwise set to zero 0.00
Repeater does not appear 0.00
Format String Value As MM/dd/YYYY +0.70
Give objects a name with a variable -0.49
try catch skipping exception 0.00