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Rating Stats for

Tim Schmelter

1756.31 (32nd)
378,575 (65th)
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Title Δ
If condiction with two different values for same variable +1.10
LINQ: select first value of every minute in table +0.51
Need mm/dd/yyyy format in the first column of datatable 0.00
Is there a way to split a list in the following format : 'strin... 0.00
Dictionary containing Functions and Optional parameter 0.00
setOrdinal not working properly when table is bind to datasource 0.00
IList does not contain a definition <linq function> +1.42
LINQ - How to ignore empty lists in where +0.26
No equality on GroupBy item 0.00
Cannot group by Year, Month and Date C# 0.00
Export DataTable Contents to CSV Files 0.00
How to insert current date and time on a specific column in sql usi... +0.19
Remove duplicates by priority +0.64
How to remove zeros from datetime string C# 0.00
Add a completely different line with every button click +0.19
Building LINQ query to get List of Dictionaries from Dictionary of... 0.00
How could I avoid == null checking? +1.02
If Else Statement inside entity query +0.18
How to get only one value from the record in the list in c#? +0.19
How to replace a specific string using method? +1.48
Is there a LINQ-way to append the same character n-times to a string? 0.00
Grouping using multiple columns, then summing a specific column usi... 0.00
How to use a foreach loop to pick required words from an array? +0.18
Get string between specific character +0.48
Possible shorthand solution for OR operator issue +0.19
C# linq multiple sorts in one clause +0.84
Can't use sum in anonymous type 0.00
Get all numbers within a range (12300 > 12400) +0.50
How to refactor a switch case? +0.20
DataView.RowFilter to find Like '%*%' 0.00
counting digits in an integer from textbox except "0" +0.43
LINQ Enumerable strategy comparison: Any, Count, SingleOrDefault 0.00
How do I efficiently get the property as a list from IReadOnlyColle... +1.00
how to censor the first 10 char in a string using c# +0.26
How to group by ToLower()? 0.00
combine 2 ienumerable with distinct type (one to many) 0.00
Validation method to return result after first false -0.20
Compare two objects based on criteria +1.48
Why strings stored in object variables and compared with == have th... 0.00
== operator using reflection 0.00
Assert that my C# function throws the same exception as another fun... 0.00
How to update an element value with the duplicated value? -0.53
Is it possible to get found values out of .Any()? +0.18
Get result from function in batches 0.00
Cannot convert from IEnumerable to 'System.Collections.Generic.... 0.00
C# check if string is equal to const name 0.00
Convert List of char array into string list 0.00
Is there a way to give a List only with a name to a function withou... 0.00
C# - Ordering a list by the initial letters of its elements (Starts... +0.72
I think my using directive creates .dll i don't want to have +0.20