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Tim Schmelter

1756.31 (33rd)
396,082 (73rd)
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Title Δ
Is there a way to give a List only with a name to a function withou... 0.00
C# - Ordering a list by the initial letters of its elements (Starts... +0.72
I think my using directive creates .dll i don't want to have +0.20
Convert Multiline textbox value split in another Textbox with comma 0.00
Split a text in blocks of text when encountering a defalult sign 0.00
Order date list for comparison +0.56
Write numbers everytime user enters new number +1.48
Filter Files and Order By Modify Date VB +1.13
How to speed up the comparison of many fields using IEqualityCompar... -0.51
How to Return a bool method with string parameter in Main Method +0.80
C# - Self reference to Generic Collection 0.00
Overriding multiple times in different subclasses problem +0.22
Clean way to check if all properties, except for two, matches betwe... -0.52
Incorrect syntax near ',' when i call ExecuteScalar +0.21
Parsing a string to an int difference +0.20
Custom sorting LINQ C# 0.00
Finding the minimum date value from a list of dates +0.20
Query two keys from the same table with different relationships +0.46
Rename duplicate property entries in a List of Objects 0.00
How make condition the elements in two arrays, Linq c# +1.00
Get tasks done every Monday for the next 5 weeks 0.00
How to improve performance of CSV upload via datatable -1.17
How to split a string array into a new string array with remove dup... +0.20
Why GetFiles from a remote folder using Linq is hanging +0.19
C# overload key/value and non key/value type , using var without sp... 0.00
Is boxing going to happen here if T is int? -1.06
Defining 'Next Month' Date Range in VB.NET +0.52
"IEnumerable <string>" does not contain a definitio... +0.20
Excluding an item from a list where an element matches an element f... 0.00
C# DateTime Field not formating +1.53
SubString of String after first hyphen, include hyphens after +1.09
How to limit GetFiles to get all paths created after a certain date? 0.00
Unable to cast object of type 'system.IO.DirectoryInfo' to... 0.00
C# Get the correct tick when using UTC +0.32
comparing two lists of string and if one of the item match do some... +0.39
How to calculate list values with the same (key) name -1.95
Split string and get all after first ocurrence - c# -2.61
How to position for each Value in a Textbox? 0.00
Linq grouping by multiple columns - issue +0.69
How to fix "Invalid attempt to read when reader is closed vb.n... 0.00
What is the fastest data structure and/or algorithm to find an inse... 0.00
Select distinct DataTable rows +0.18
How can i add linq query EnumerableRowCollection<TRow> to a d... -0.69
C# Linq rollup child array with parent field value +1.29
List of List C# count jumps when adding and Element at a certain row +0.19
Declaring variables global for only class in -3.17
Extension methods for Object but not derived classes 0.00
How to parse string into an array using set number of characters in... +0.20
Page is empty after adding OnRowDataBound to a GridView 0.00
Override List(of String) Elements in a Sub +1.11