An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1416.16 (4,535,939th)
16,275 (8,586th)
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Title Δ
is there a way to select row or column table in Word document VSTO... +0.62
Linq select object while changing some variables -0.38
How to extract digits between two fixed strings in Arabic Language? 0.00
Advanced database query 0.00
Bind view-model property setter to control method +2.48
C# or Linq function that gets a max value from multiple properties... 0.00
A List from Property -0.38
Style Defined in app.xaml is only applied in the Designer but not a... 0.00
How to get windows user language list using the CMD shell? -0.61
Type Load Exception in EF Core Project 0.00
Regex how can I merge execution -1.05
Why is this text off screen? -0.68
How To Replace a Double Set of Quotation Marks with a Single set of... +0.65
Visual Studio: suppress output in immediate window 0.00
Storing a sequence -0.35
How can i use one Viewmodel, with multiple views/pages which can bi... -1.07
Binding TextBox's text to a class's property and applicatio... 0.00
How do I deserialize this Json (Header + Item from SAP) into a model 0.00
RegularExpression use variables for same string pattern attribute C# 0.00
C# Regex Optimization +0.90
is it possible to use a variable as identifier of a class member 0.00
Searching using the last 4 digits +0.62
AddCors service options settings not working .net Core 3 Web API 0.00
Can I create a WPF application with .net 5 preview? +0.63
Negative lookahead in Regex to exclude two words 0.00
How to insert self referencing entities into sql? 0.00
How to use CTE in Linq C#? 0.00
Visual Studio 2019 Installer Project WARNING: Unable to update the... 0.00
Unhide all Hidden Excel Columns Without Individual Iteration? 0.00
Generic class design issue 0.00
How can I bind the visibility of a StackPane to a property? -0.38
When to use Async methods in EF Core? +1.31
I want to move a button to the far most top of a stack panel by cli... 0.00
Regex: Handle an Optional url part with delimiter 0.00
Subscript character 'g' and '/' in C#? 0.00
Building Regex pattern to eventually pick the desired text from the... -0.45
Having trouble determining the cause of this error 0.00
How convert linq query to SQL query? 0.00
Call methods from a list of Action -1.00
WPF MVVM and Data Acces Layer Organisation 0.00
Preventing Regex skipping the value in the middle -0.52
Switch style in StyleSelector based on bound value instead of fixed... 0.00
Git has some heavy files, I want to clean this -0.39
How can I test a ViewModel that needs to coordinate the creation an... +0.22
WPF IValueConverter changes property: how to force update? +3.20
Validation based on existing data in WPF 0.00
Why am I getting an object reference not set to an instance of an o... 0.00
Trim values while exporting WPF DataGrid to CSV -1.01
.NET Regex's Match class: What's the match name? -0.40
Lock zIndex of a ContentPresenter Upon Mouse Enter or Drag Complete 0.00