An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Steven Huwig

1527.19 (20,825th)
12,364 (11,847th)
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Title Δ
How to prepare Unicode strings for indexing? 0.00
Which search strategy in SQL (postgres) to use in order to find sim... -0.85
nuxeo check if directory exists through API 0.00
Python: How do you set a timer in a loop? -0.55
Pull Tag Value using BeautifulSoup +0.46
Python: Using lxml to locate text outside a span 0.00
dispatch_async and [NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest] -0.04
What is the easiest way avoid sending the Tomcat error page with Sp... 0.00
Queue conflicts when multithreading? -0.55
Working with Java from Emacs within Leiningen project -0.38
design generic API using abstract method, but have to use final var... -0.06
RESTful Web Service Upload/Download Large Data With JSON +0.46
Simplest XSLT Stylesheet whose output is the XSLT Stylesheet...For... -0.75
Simplest XSLT Stylesheet whose output is the XSLT Stylesheet...For... +2.25
When is it good to expose a third party library as part of your API? +1.93
Copy existing XML, duplicate element and modify +2.62
I need to parse non well-formed xml data (HTML) +0.23
Which term to use when referring to functional data structures: per... +1.10
Extracting columns from text file using Perl one-liner: similar to... -1.12
Emacs indentation difficulty +1.25
gawk / awk: piping date to getline *sometimes* won't work -0.92
While doing TDD and adding features incrementally, do I design data... +0.23
picking a random line from stdout -1.18
Java: fast disk-based hash set -2.69
How can I reformat the GECOS field with Perl or awk? -0.44
Forcing myself to master Emacs +0.68
Simplest code for array intersection in javascript +0.66
Comment out N lines with sed/awk +0.70
Euler Problem in Haskell -- Can Someone Spot My Error +0.46
How foldr works -0.55
How to remove unique, then duplicate dictionaries in a list? -0.39
Javascript "do-while" type loop +3.94
C state-machine design -3.69
Why no love for SQL? +3.08
Proper perl switch formatting in emacs -1.95
Emacs return to indented code line when press 'return' key +4.23
Ubuntu desktop development environment (GNU tools) -1.35
Mochikit or Prototype for JavaScript Framework? +3.75
How to delete partial duplicate lines with AWK? +4.02
How to avoid spaghetti code in Javascript +2.52
How do do this list manipulation in Python? This is tricky +3.52
When to use Dependency Injection? When not to? -4.21
Bash: limit the number of concurrent jobs? -2.62
What is your favourite cleverly written functional code? +0.37
What is the shortest way to write parser for my language? -1.03
is erlangs recursive functions not just a goto? -0.30
Totally JavaScript Web Stack - Middleware, Webserver, DB suggestions? +1.49
How do you know when to use fold-left and when to use fold-right? +0.96
Maximize Emacs windows without making others disappear +2.47
Are there reasons to place a dependency in a web server's lib direc... -1.73