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1411.67 (4,359,439th)
3,527 (47,553rd)
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Title Δ
How to get all values smaller than a given key in a BST? +0.10
Is incrementing a pointer to a 0-sized dynamic array undefined? +1.09
If my class manages a resource correctly then what is the point in... -0.47
Why MSVC14 allows declaring a pointer to a dynamic non-initialized... 0.00
Why I cannot create a stream iterator? -0.70
How to safley deal with iterators in loops? +2.51
Why does dont you have to #include<vector>, if you already in... +0.36
Why I can't initiaize a string with uniform initialization? 0.00
Why can I not instantiate a class whose constructor is private in a... -0.16
Wrong addition values 0.00
Pass multiple arrays of objects to a function -0.38
Is there a function to determine if a certain character is found wi... 0.00
RE: Why am I getting the wrong value of vowels from this counter?..... -0.14
Why I can define a function that differs in the top-level constness... -0.36
How can I print a vector in a recursive function? -0.03
How to increase every element in a vector by a specified value? 0.00
Is it possible to pass an array into a function as a parameter with... +1.73
My function skips a loop parameter in c++ -0.02
Can I use conditional operator to pass an input stream to a function? 0.00
Why I cannot use a decltype in range-for with multi-dimension arrays? 0.00
Printing an array within a specific range -0.37
Adding New Arrays Changes Previous Ones? 0.00
How post-increment operator works with user defined types? -1.20
How to implement a member function outside the generic class that r... +1.82
How to create a Qt application using MSVC14? +0.63
How to insert more dialogs in MFC Dialog application? +0.64
Check whether a set of brackets consisting of parenthesis, square b... -1.45
Check whether a set of brackets consisting of parenthesis, square b... +0.88
In C++, is a string type object an array of characters just like a... -0.05
Problems with for loop c++ -0.31
Passing instance of own class to another -1.22
How to use a static variable in a constructor c++? +0.13
How to properly assigning a dynamically create an int and assign it... +0.63
Returning derived object pointer from virtual method +2.38
C++ How do you read in a file word by word (strings) but display it... -1.00
C++ File Output Garbage -0.37
Compare two objects in vector iteration C++ -0.62
how can i fill a matrix in c++ with a value? -0.26
My c++ program doesn't complete and closes -0.03
Program should fail/crash while dynamic_cast is working +0.65
The return type is incorrect 0.00
usernameExsist function c++ Object-orienten progrmming 0.00
Can a friend class object access base class private members on a de... -0.93
C++ reading from a while -0.11
How to assign to the array of pointers functions from another object? 0.00
Convert by "dynamic_cast" between points to classes 0.00
Enter array size for a string array and int array via keyboard 0.00
error: use of undeclared identifier 'T' +1.21
Comparing with more than one char in C++ -1.40
the rules in function overloading -1.45