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Vlad from Moscow

1538.70 (12,164th)
152,082 (371st)
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Title Δ
Is C while pointer going to work with any pointer variable 0.00
Why does my function produces a Conflicting Types error? 0.00
How do you create an array in a function and return it in c 0.00
Why do printing a char pointer yield string instead of memory addre... 0.00
showing strange output while printing an array 0.00
Understanding dereferencing of double pointers 0.00
Printing an array gives me more values than what the array actually... 0.00
What auto keyword does under the hood when used with function point... 0.00
Passing structs to a function using the pointer operator in C 0.00
Invalid conversion from 'int' to 'int**' [-fpermiss... 0.00
String concatenation without libraries in C 0.00
How to return boolean in a function? 0.00
What is difference in int* p and (int*) p in C 0.00
Passing a pointer into methods in C++ resulting in weird output 0.00
Trying to remove suffix from string with no success 0.00
Using strtok to split a string in c 0.00
Palindrome Checker for strings in C 0.00
C++ Why is my first data input with getline(cin, array[x]) is on th... 0.00
Can a designated initializer legally refer to the variable it's... 0.00
Printf outputs characters beyond the specified length of the array 0.00
What's the difference between a Logical AND operator and a nest... 0.00
Please explain char* return type in C++ 0.00
Linked list function works when called normally, but doesnt work wh... 0.00
friend member function can't access private member data 0.00
strstr function and multi dimensional arrays in c 0.00
Taking character into array and printing it in C 0.00
Global namespace friend class cannot access private member of named... 0.00
problem with implict casting in c and c++ 0.00
Parameter as pointer not being correctly incremented 0.00
Why does * indirection operator gives address in a 2-dimensional ar... 0.00
Binary search tree lookup output 0.00
Why is my loop not checking the argv for alphabets and printing out... 0.00
Understanding memory allocation for a 2D like array 0.00
can't understand bit fields in C 0.00
Can't I directly put head=NULL if i want to destroy linked list... 0.00
Nuances of comma seperator and comma operator when used in initiali... 0.00
Are a series of nested if statements within a for loop collectively... 0.00
Use the result of strlen as length of char* 0.00
C pointer argument assigned to a parameter with a different value 0.00
I am not getting the proper output in C++ program? 0.00
Can you expand my half solution for a specific problem in c? 0.00
Pointers - unexpected output 0.00
Sum of first n natural numbers 0.00
Pointing to a variable using pointers in c-segmentation fault 0.00
How do the arguments and ternary operator work when retrieving data... 0.00
realloc( ): Invalid next size 0.00
How to print a symbol `n` times using a `for` loop, in C? 0.00
Using realloc() to remove data from the beginning of an allocated s... 0.00
How does free() works in this case? 0.00
Why am I getting incomplete reversed string 0.00