An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1774.15 (15th)
34,538 (3,379th)
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Title Δ
Building a Chance Mixin in TypeScript -0.16
error TS2339: Property 'filter' does not exist on type for... 0.00
How to type check this object without using {} or any? -0.39
Mapping Keys between Types 0.00
Convert nested array type 0.00
What is the type of an enum in Typescript? 0.00
TypeScript: derive map from discriminated union 0.00
error TS2322: Type '{ id: string; }' is not assignable to t... 0.00
How to specify that only relevant properties will be assigned to a... 0.00
Get `(typeof TheClass)['prototype']` with a `&` type in... 0.00
Custom filtering does not work as expected 0.00
Typescript new class by evaluate params -1.99
Filter keys of a type using another type 0.00
Typing up a Box class correctly 0.00
Get object literal string with extra string embellishments around it +0.33
Using ReadonlyMap<K, V> type 0.00
Getting the return type of a function which uses generics 0.00
How do I type an object with known and unknown keys in TypeScript 0.00
Get a union type of an interface's member's types 0.00
Generic constraint with any type 0.00
Disallow call with any 0.00
Writing a TypeScript decorator to always bind class methods to '... 0.00
Example code of "Type Aliases" to work +1.53
Class decorator with generic parameter 0.00
Mapped types + function parameters enigma 0.00
Typescript Generics with ordered array / tuples 0.00
TypeScript 2.8 Conditional Type Issue 0.00
In TypeScript how do I declare a generic with 2 arguments, where th... 0.00
Adding a new property to an object type without runtime code 0.00
How can I make old style classes work in typescript? +1.45
Keyof that is also of type T -2.40
Naming the return type of a generic function 0.00
implementing a generic semigroup append in typescript 0.00
Reassign a global variable 0.00
Typescript: invert constraint on generic 0.00
Typescript - Exclude keys of other type in argument -0.31
Inerfaces difference in Typescript? 0.00
How to determine the type of object with possible and string and nu... +0.33
Typescript, merge object types? +1.30
Typescript pattern for abstract generic functions seems to be broken -0.16
TypeScript - expressing types/constructors vs. instances of types 0.00
How to create a proxy on an enum? 0.00
In two ES6 Parent-Child classes, is there a way to execute some cod... +0.34
How call callback in Typescript? +0.36
Can I map from a record type to a function type using mapped condit... 0.00
TypeScript conditional types - filter out readonly properties / pic... 0.00
Property declaration with types with quotes or numbers +2.34
Deriving the type an associative array of functions 0.00
Typed Generic Key Value Interface in Typescript 0.00
Function that accepts only keys of array values (and deduces return... 0.00