An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1529.37 (19,109th)
43,324 (2,485th)
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Title Δ
Access JSON index as PHP variable +0.46
Send Mail when SQL value is True 0.00
get the very high quality screenshot using phantomjs 0.00
Apply CSS styles to an element depending on its child elements - ON... -1.82
MongoDB Storing data from html or javascript 0.00
Codecademy Syntax Error unexpected token else +0.45
Tic Tac Toe logic 0.00
PHP: select current option -0.97
Focus on first form element if it the types Text, Password or dropd... -1.50
Google Map Tilt not working -2.14
Unexpected elseif -0.86
MYSQL Query not showing data properly -1.86
How to prevent a user from using CTRL & + to zoom +0.45
how to stay image constant on hover +0.43
CSS - border radius and solid border curved inside +0.21
Hide anything not in a paragraph using CSS or jQuery? +1.99
Javascript Upload and real image refresh/reload 0.00
html - why there is some extra space between LI tag? +0.60
MySQL (+), the meaning? 0.00
Fatal error: Call to a member function in product.php -2.46
Ways to refresh a page in browser +0.45
Mysql Match against query with special charters search 0.00
cover div adding a margin -0.05
PHP - Simple Regular Expression -2.17
Multiply CSS property values with jQuery using *= +1.99
Twitter Bootstrap 3: How to get vertical navbar? -1.69
jQuery | Check Input type of select option +0.15
cyrillized words read from database with php 0.00
How to tell if a param was passed assuming it was a constant? +1.00
jQuery .show won't work. Wrong selector? +0.16
equivalent to float in outlook -0.36
Can you "and" jQuery selectors together? -0.59
Trigger php script with ajax call +0.43
jQuery: contains() works in Firefox but not Chrome/Safari +0.42
Change the default caret cursor color in a textarea -1.46
Table deformed when GIF dragged in 0.00
PHP - How to ELSE a While Statement? -0.06
MySQL query validation in PHP +1.98
How to disable text selection IN <li> 0.00
what is the benefit of using *{margin:0;padding:0}? 0.00
Bad syntax causing errors for MySQL query +0.35
How does this form work with input tags outside the <form> ta... +0.43
Photo grid like the new flickr design 0.00
Why does the bootstrap .row has a default margin-left of -30px? 0.00
CSS class inherit from anther class +0.04
jQuery: change Minutes into hour -0.07
Why is mcrypt_encrypt giving errors? -0.10
creating and positioning venn-diagram with css +0.45
I've got an input which it's type is set to hidden, I need to chang... +0.44
Setting the height of a table in HTML has no effect +1.78