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1517.10 (37,428th)
5,010 (33,040th)
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Title Δ
Variable names in python using numbers 0.00
String decoding of format \x123 in Python -0.37
Finding common elements of a list based on some criteria? +0.10
Python - Copy several files from several locations to one folder ba... 0.00
Using a loop to edit items in a list +0.48
How can I convert 1 ½ to 1.5 0.00
Convert timestramp to datetime wrong AM/PM -0.78
Email validation - special characters "dit" Python 2.7 +0.47
I have a dict where all elements are bytes. How can I get a dict of... +0.86
Python - Regex get Print only Interface name and status -0.03
How to use `filter` with multiple iterables, as is supported by `ma... +1.50
display element difference between 2 arrays 0.00
python replace backslash and single quote -0.26
How to extract mutlple fields from a json documet with Python? -0.09
Splitting a simple specific path on windows and linux -0.19
Convert nested list to list-of-lists with a depth of 1 -0.98
How to get the value of a first key-value pair in Python +1.81
Selecting two highest values from a list, whilst keeping a record o... -0.10
Check if two conditions are both true, only one is true or none is... 0.00
Looking for a way to check all possible combinations of four dice i... -1.57
Why am I getting "ValueError: I/O operation on closed file.&qu... 0.00
Form unicode character from label 0.00
How to count the comparisons made in Quick Sort 0.00
How to only iterate over one argument of an matrix array if both ha... +0.25
Python Regex Find Word with Random White Space Mixed in +0.35
How to split one big json file into smaller multiple files? 0.00
Finding phrases in dictionary list of values that matches phrases i... -0.53
How to break early from a cartesian product recursive function once... 0.00
What is factory, singleton, observer design pattern? (OOP) -0.02
How to pass a numpy array of lists to a function (fancy indexing) 0.00
Selecting list values based on matrix binary values? -0.49
How we can break the value, Getting ERROR - must be str, not list +1.98
Can't make requests by proxies python3 0.00
Sorting Multidimensional Dict in Python +1.96
Factorial function in Python, why does i have to range from 1 to k+1? +0.48
How to modify multiple json files -0.27
How to instantiate an object in a new class? -0.78
How to perform digitsum for a negative integer input until a single... -1.68
How to do function compose -2.06
Where to place if statement in a loop when checking values of a dic... -0.06
Quick Sort Algorithm using python +0.43
How to get a line with a specfic text from HTML 0.00
How to connect to mariadb on a docker container using pymsql -0.54
Facing a issue in json file using Python 0.00
How do I break the while loop with user input +0.47
ISO time to Human readable time in python +0.08
is there a more efficient way of overloading operators than the way... +1.28
python regex: Getting the string in the next line after a given str... +0.47
How to find element in set (not check existence) in Python? Does Py... -0.86
Finding numbers within certain string in Python +0.47