An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1494.30 (4,298,011th)
1,024 (151,867th)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to change an key value interface into a tuple -1.36
How to use multiple implementations of generic interface without sp... -0.05
Is it possible to Exclude an empty object from a union? +4.12
Is it possible to extract parts of a larger type into subtypes? -3.45
How do you set the encoding for console output in Azure Devops? 0.00
Can something act both as an object and a function in JS? -2.15
Whats the shortest way to definitely rewrite "loose equality l... +0.25
How to extract single Type from a union? -3.52
How to optimize type descriptions in this calculator? 0.00
CSS for text with line and image on right -4.05
Using float and clear with <aside> element +3.47
Form Field "amount" Validation alert $ dollar sign is not... +4.03
Differences using es6 on nodejs vs babel +0.36
How to make another nested json with keys from a nested json -1.79
Is it possible to get a different scope for a required file? -0.24
Why can I not call a function.apply? -4.45
Is it possible to spread the input array into arguments? -1.29
Jenkins Failed to connect to repository : Command returned status c... -0.08
Setting up Amazon Elastic Beanstalk app without public access +3.55
Is there a way to fulfill a promise at an exact time? +4.72
Javascript array filter() with bind() +2.10
JavaScript object search and get all possible nodes -4.11
Jade to HTML Undefined field 0.00
Testing Jquery selector with Jasmine unit tests 0.00
How do I conditionally add a filter to ng-repeat inside directive? -3.96
Javascript Dynamic Variable (Random number addded) -1.51
How to delete item from an array of object using angularjs? +3.81
firing js before submitting remote bootstrap modal rails form -4.12
Can ng-model update another ng-model? +4.00