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1474.97 (4,384,823rd)
1,162 (135,261st)
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Title Δ
Pairing two Pandas data frames with an ID value +5.37
Python value counts and return the other columns in pandas -2.95
Python: String matching on a pandas column of lists -2.46
Remove Words Less Than 4 Characters from Pandas Series -2.64
Merging a dataframe in a dict with another dataframe in Python +0.26
R: help on T only if previous entry is T 0.00
How do I remove rows from a data.frame where two specific columns h... -3.89
R data frame. How to count the number of rows addressing multiple c... +4.31
How to create a new output file in R if a file with that name alrea... -3.09
String match between two data frame columns 0.00
Add value to or change values of a subset of rows in a column in R -3.83
Finding sublists in lists in R +4.60
Adding elements to a column in a matrix -0.15
R: Extract top nth values with ID/name 0.00
How can I merge and add columns in R? +4.11
R get fields by regex (or just first characters) 0.00
R Merge matrix and re order them 0.00
Saving Assigned R object 0.00
subset rows used in which.max in R +1.89
R - formula to calculate RSI without charting? 0.00
How do i use grepl on each column in a data frame? +1.19
Can the loop parameter be accessed in implicit loops during vectori... -2.83
multiply all values in particular columns if column name matches pa... +3.93
R use of loop for applying a function to ove variable in a dataframe +0.31
Command to open new R Session from R source file 0.00
Return T/F with dcast instead of the count -2.59
Capturing specific part of domain name in R using regex -1.15
Create Indicator Data Frame Based on Interval Ranges -3.43
Subsetting Last N Values From a Data Frame, R -0.05
create an index for aggregating daily data to match periodic data 0.00
calculating the autocorrelation of a time series in R -0.36
Regular Expression in R with a negative lookbehind -3.31
How to continue through loop despite of write.table error? 0.00
Matching files with regular expressions with list.files -3.08
R - Faster Way to Calculate Rolling Statistics Over a Variable Inte... +1.53
Calculating value means for each site and year in a data frame in R 0.00
portfolio optimization tseries R 0.00
Obtain means within site and year in R -4.05
Pasting columns of matrix with a specific range in R rapidly 0.00
R language find all file names that match a pattern +4.41
How to use the rollmean function on only one column of a zoo object? 0.00
Add a column of derived data to a data.frame -1.91
What are the advantages of placing data in a new.env in r? -3.16
r order of dataframe and selection +0.27
Split string on first two colons -0.98
How to create data ranges in charts with R? 0.00
How to get last data for each id/date? -1.73
How do I get a list, sorted by frequency, in R 0.00
How to create shortcut to Rscript on Windows 7 -1.77
faster way to compare rows in a data frame -1.84