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Ronald Swets

1521.59 (27,786th)
1,627 (100,654th)
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Title Δ
Why the class constant value is getting evaluated in one statement... +0.47
how to subtract value of two same array in php -0.02
function is deprecated in php 7.2.2, how to fix it? 0.00
Pulling pdf BLOB from database using php and displaying it in a htm... -0.03
Recursive function does not return any value +0.77
Loop by refreshing part of page -0.02
JSON not getting iterated in PHP 0.00
How to get the number of Google search result using PHP? +3.81
Parse a json reply from a jquery result in php +3.84
Url rewriting using .htaccess gives 404 NOT FOUND +3.17
Autocomplete a textbox created inside the PHP tags -3.80
Converting Date in M d, Y format leads to display date in other rows -1.44
jQuery menu not loading PHP child categories +3.80
PHP class providing empty object 0.00
Generating groups of random numbers -4.28
are $_SESSION[] vars exploitable 0.00
php sort post data into arrays +4.06
Shorted similar commands in PHP function -2.02
Batch Processing Loop 0.00
Change image colors using PHP 0.00
Maintaining state - object serialization through $_SESSION 0.00
Difference between $arr[$key] and $value in PHP -0.24
php oop don't know where/how to use it -4.25
How to apply CSS on alternate elements with certain data-value? -4.14
GET request method in PHP 0.00
what $_REQUEST will return when same values sent by GET and POST? -0.81
Google Geocoding API no results with php-CUrl +3.58
socket_recv not receiving full data +1.30
Severity: Warning Message: array_push() expects parameter 1 to be a... +3.77
When passing variables on url %271%27 -0.14
Is there any need to ensure correct data type is submitted to MySQL... -1.57
Fill array with values from different other arrays from different l... +0.44
PHP print SQL field names as array with corresponding values showin... 0.00
Remove duplicate values having same key in a mulit dimensional arra... +3.73
select from large data with database or public variable +2.13
How bitwise operator works +1.48
How to get all morphological derivations of a word in java or php -4.06
Sphinx filter by second id in php api 0.00
PHP: Sort array according to another array of different length +1.36
Generate filename with php Random functionality +3.92
Update form, what am I doing wrong? -1.90
Data extraction using PHP -0.26
Sending Random numbers to a database as it's ID -3.17
Passing params with javascript to php -0.29
Insert multiple values and sum php+mysql 0.00
storing / reading and checking if a user has read blog posts 0.00
IF inside sql UPDATE query instead of case +0.27
Gmail transforms and removes HTML and CSS contents 0.00
How to set default value for HTML drop-down list not from the optio... -0.13
How to get correct file size after resizing an image in PHP? 0.00