An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1582.95 (2,758th)
14,752 (9,589th)
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Title Δ
C++ Winapi Owner drawn listbox animation +0.32
CryptImportKey fails on Windows 8 0.00
Win32 LayeredWindow gives bad visual effect 0.00
Access to WindowsFormsParkingWindow? +2.06
Redirect stdout to parent process console window 0.00
What happens to the file with colon in the name? 0.00
Set console font size in fullscreen mode +0.38
Windows API - Clipboard - GlobalLock - use or not to use? 0.00
What are the default transformation matrices set by ID3DXSprite::Be... 0.00
QueryServiceObjectSecurity fails with access denied error -0.37
Why does ArcTo sometimes not update the current position 0.00
"http://www." on Uri.TryCreate bug? 0.00
Get pixel data as array from hdc 0.00
redirect ftp pipe in C 0.00
Items and Subitems in List-View control -2.47
How to realize unblocked keyboard buffer windows by C/C++ +0.38
Delphi - (x,y) position of finger on laptop touchpad +1.76
Is it possible to render antialiased text onto a transparent backgr... 0.00
winapi how to change a windows resource language programatically 0.00
Powershell - Make Desktop Background changes take effect immediately +0.38
Why does an overridden non-client area show the default when the wi... 0.00
How to know which mouse has generated MouseEvent that is received b... 0.00
There is an API to set the minimum number of milliseconds that may... 0.00
How to verify that parent process has exited in golang on Windows? -2.59
fchown() on Windows seems to be impossible to implement in C -2.47
Convert HANDLE to Handle 0.00
Pasting image from clipboard to MS Word has wrong aspect ratio 0.00
CreateFile and long device name +1.53
In WinNT.h, why are STANDARD_RIGHTS_READ, ...WRITE and ...EXECUTE d... 0.00
What is the technique called where a browser submits a request and... -0.13
UpdateResource doesn't work with lpType as string 0.00
Why doesn't CreateFile on C: increment the handle count for C:? 0.00
How do you get underline font geometry from font? CreateFont 0.00
ClearType ruins transparency 0.00
SetSystemTime is an hour off because of a current DST does not matc... 0.00
The scope and when to run the SetEnv.Cmd of Windows SDK 0.00
Can I use the win32 Setup API to detect when USB devices have been... 0.00
In C++ , how can I get the user to specify a point on the screen (X... 0.00
How can application recv data with WSA_IO_PENDING? 0.00
Can my Visual C++ program listen to its own debug output? 0.00
Haskell undefined reference when calling some win32 api functions 0.00
how to make static libraries runtime requirement for the CRT {stati... 0.00
Incorrect result with TransparentBlt 0.00
Foreign Keys in SQLite 0.00
insert datetime in sqlite 0.00
How is it possible to redirect TRACE statements in MFC to reduce th... 0.00
How to make printing the same on any printer? 0.00
Get the Windows Download folder's path -0.62
PtInRect vs child windows +0.37
How can an independent DLL find out what Token file accesses will b... 0.00