An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Darin Dimitrov

1662.40 (398th)
1,007,628 (5th)
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Title Δ
Filter a JSON file into different JSON files in Javascript -2.30
Load and run JS from Ajax response in Iframe 0.00
String.Format not rendering in view with razor code if nested insid... 0.00
MVC Application_BeginRequest localhost redirected you too many times 0.00
Web Api call returns 302 error code (on Authentication failed) and... 0.00
Return HTML string without quotes 0.00
UTC time from new Date() using JS -0.70
Read typing name from package.json in Monaco Editor 0.00
How does one hide the URL for a link to a file? +0.26
VB.NET - Reading encrypted data in a TXT file line by line 0.00
Comparing two object in WebApi HttpPost request doesn't work +1.24
getting a list of all images in a document (including blobs) +0.28
To relative path from base absolute -0.72
Remove the Identity Server Cookie in Browser using Javascript 0.00
Set Cookie in ASP .NET CheckBox Does Not work Using JS 0.00
posting to an api with integer parameter not working with angularJs +0.98
How to pass value from AngluarJS to MVC Controller 0.00
Nest foreach cycle and adding items to collection into linq methods 0.00
Ajax Post data gets nullified on the server method 0.00
Why doesn't ngOnInit varible change affect the html in angular... +0.28
Alternative to start thread inside of an mvc .net core application? 0.00
ASP.Net working on debug not on IIS 0.00
Injecting logger into middleware dependency +0.28
JQuery -- load functuion +0.28
One form inside another one form -0.21
How to read the data from node js post ajax request? -0.72
C# WebAPI - getting URL with parameters passed as QueryString 0.00
Cannot connect to AWS SQL Server 0.00
Typescript: Insert a variable before a matched string -0.23
Check if Expression contains a specific property -1.85
object.push(array) is not working 0.00
Reading full reponse from HttpWebResponse 0.00
Passing a list of class from viewmodel (view to controller) using j... 0.00
Linq add dynamic where clause 0.00
Edit View in mvc - controller error 0.00
ASP .NET MVC Ajax Request Internal server Error? 0.00
Ninject does not resolve my registered services 0.00
Is it possible to attach jQuery to a loaded page? 0.00
Convert issues c# 0.00
Function is called twice in nodejs 0.00
Trying to implement $http in AngularJS +0.28
Should you NEVER create a new object of any other class in another... -2.31
jQuery Function called 2 times on document ready 0.00
Is it impossible to use the item() method for getting of array item? -3.03
Get the highest number of a .txt file in c# -0.77
Nodejs: SocketIO (websockets) vs Http 0.00
MVC html helper to generate enum drop down list dynamiclly 0.00
How to use JQuery .done() +0.27
How to validate a model if model radio button is true in mvc 0.00 website performance - 1 page slow affects rest of the pages... 0.00