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Carsten Løvbo Andersen

1653.28 (498th)
14,819 (9,513th)
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Title Δ
JQuery toggleClass() - How to toggle ONLY the targeted text 0.00
Reference appened HTML code via id with jquery +0.13
how to apply css to only that element next to then button i clicked... 0.00
jQuery, how to set inputs are required notifications for more than... -1.31
Show / Hide div if selected specific option value +0.74
I made this lengthy code for a small thing is there any alternative... +0.95
How to get dropdown value to update based on another dropdown jquery +0.28
insert <ul></ul into few <li>s with jQuery 0.00
How to edite li items from separate input jQuery 0.00
Click selector for multiple radio button questions 0.00
How to number data attribute dynamically for elements jquery? +0.28
Why adding after() text each time twice on click using jQuery? 0.00
I want to find an input element closest a span when I click the spa... -2.89
Why doesn't $(".tab-list").each() run? +0.30
How do i get the text of each td in each tr of each tables using Jq... +1.01
Display font awesome in jQuery AJAX -2.80
Could someone please me figure out what I am doing wrong in jQuery... 0.00
Give input radio attribute checked -0.29
Why changing the text on the button fails? +0.29
How can Click on the first value ussing Jquery 0.00
Get balance from jquery cart 0.00
How can I select all child elements except one and its descendants? 0.00
how to add options on click of own select box dynamically 0.00
Show hide content based on check boxes, if one check box checked di... 0.00
jQuery simple tab content +1.35
Avoid the additional comma in Jquery 0.00
Ajax, unable to append data to specific "data" tag 0.00
jQuery dynamic form hide button remove for last form input +0.25
Cannot get closest number input field value +0.31
How to write an output number as a comma 0.00
Adding values dynamically to li 0.00
How to Add element in a list with JQuery -0.75
Cut margin-left of element in half under certain window width 0.00
Apply change function for multiple selects with same class 0.00
Hide Checkboxes when checked -0.71
How to restrict space at first position in ckeditor textarea using... 0.00
Get custom attribute from select -0.96
How to make <input> search filed where it finds the images by... +0.29
how to call thingspeak api in jquery ajax using a button on your pl... -0.21
I want to use jQuery regular expression in jQuery selector +1.34
Sort Select Options using JQuery +1.61
Animating progressbar in css according to form input (possible Jque... +1.52
Triggering button click on scroll triggers multiple clicks +0.29
How to combine different css class selectors into one javascript li... +1.81
Creating new parent div and 4 child divs after every 4 count in jav... +1.33
JQuery CheckBoxes Price addition and deletion -1.19
How to put input value in card-title and card-text -0.46
Replacing the list item fa fa icon class name with other class name +0.29
How to get/set values to input fields using jQuery? -0.54
readonly on change in jquery +0.30