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Rating Stats for

Salah Akbari

1587.77 (2,315th)
30,673 (3,952nd)
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Title Δ
Check Box Value Passed In FormCollection MVC Form 0.00
Get the stream data from WEB API response in windows/ console appli... 0.00
A better way to check for Null 0.00
Assign Values from one list to Another list based on Id 0.00
How to filter string date? 0.00
Is there any way to move the first letter to end? 0.00
How to declare event property in interface? 0.00
Get Except of multiple nested dictionaries using LINQ expression 0.00
Remove redundant String from array string 0.00
How to only return a list of inherited instances if defined, otherw... 0.00
Access a field in Method of a Generic 0.00
Short cut for a check for null and assigning a value to it if it is? 0.00
Getting unmatched array from two array objects 0.00
Error converting parameter in Linq query Entity Framework Core 0.00
C# program does not execute Stored Procedure 0.00
Add List<> To Another List<> by filtering 0.00
How to access the Root member of Object 0.00
Can't apply Union in List<anonymous> LINQ 0.00
How to make ASP.NET Core return XML result? 0.00
How to add where statements dynamically by linq 0.00
Ternary operator for 3 conditions -0.10
How to get browser information of client? 0.00
Forcing IConfigurationBuilder.Bind() to throw an error when it fail... -0.64
How to convert an English number to an Arabic number e.g., 196 to ١... -0.64
Are there better ways to instantiate interfaces using dependency in... +1.36
How to make my code output comma after all values that go under cri... +2.04
If condiction with two different values for same variable -1.10
How to exclude one "column" in .ToListAsync() using EF Co... -1.30
How to add space between a row items -0.22
How to insert data to a database in C# 0.00
OrderBy custom comparer specific letters before numbers 0.00
How to remove duplicate domain emailaddress from emailaddress Array... 0.00
How can convert DBObject value into long -0.44
LINQ join query returns matched records -0.64
How can I read the names of the SelectedItems in a listbox and outp... 0.00
How to solve unused code error in VSCode? -0.11
Retrieve data from controller and return to ajax call failing 0.00
How to use properly ConfigurationManager.GetSection() in .Net Core... -0.23
Web API post method without parameter in URL(Login parameter) -0.12
What is the difference between group n by vs group n by into g in L... -1.21
Unable to create a constant value of type '<Some type>... -0.62
How to convert a int number to a float number? 0.00
Where to put the await key word in stored procedure in c# +1.10
How to select 'product' rows instead of 'sale' rows -0.33
How can I get the TimeZone from string? 0.00
Does the null-conditional operator function the same with delegates... -1.00
Using In-Line Lambda functions as an argument -0.97
Get value from right with first white space -0.93
A ref or out argument must be an assignable variable? -0.66
Async Lambda Func<string> +1.40