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Salah Akbari

1594.23 (2,006th)
30,673 (3,952nd)
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Title Δ
JSON DeserializeObject that has a list of strings 0.00
ASP.NET TextBox control is not wraping 0.00
Insert data to SQL using C# 0.00
Jumping to Method directly while debugging 0.00
Using LINQ in my Business Logic, but getting an error -0.84
Optional Model Properties Binding in .NET Core MVC 0.00
Storing Japanese characters from TextBox to SQL table +1.97
'DataTable' does not contain a public instance definition f... -2.08
Fetch data from a List and display in View 0.00
InvalidOperationException: Unable to resolve service for type while... 0.00
SQLite C# System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException 0.00
Property/Accessor ambiguity when using Expression Body operators +0.37
Unique char pair in two strings -0.57
Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Collections.Generic.List... +0.36
How to read a string up until a comma, and then save that bit and d... 0.00
Iterating through a list of a class +0.37
Why: LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method? +0.36
How to use limit the results returned from SQL Server using ROW_NUM... +1.41
Duplicate row in Seed Initializer 0.00
Will converting Char.GetNumericValue() to int destroy information? +2.67
C# Linq Group by Object +2.26
Order by string returns wrong order -0.46
Calling timer_tick function give me No overload for 'timer2_Tic... 0.00
Translate an SQL query into LINQ 0.00
Finding all matches in a string -0.54
Unable to Deserialize HttpResponseMessage to Model Object 0.00
Cookies Expires is not working as per expectation 0.00
Using if statement to check bool value +0.38
Automatically get properties and defaults when instantiating class? 0.00
The best overload for List issue 0.00
Unable to cast 2 objects although they share same interface -1.14
Using two tables from the database with the Entity Framework 0.00
"System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException" why is it showing? A... +0.37
When does the scope of a disposable variable in a while loop end? -1.98
Bootstrap toggle chechkbox is not working when using it with html h... 0.00
Check if parameter value is null or not inside query +0.36
foreach iterator null when looping through collection 0.00
How to calculate STD dev and Average with linq and entity framework... +0.81
Alternative for ElementAtOrDefault 0.00
Visual studio is not highlighting suggestions in C# while typing 0.00
How can I avoid .Average in a LINQ expression throwing an exception... 0.00
How to control Visibility of ComboBox based on radio button is chec... 0.00
How can I get all records that matches a condition? 0.00
I can't get the total sum from the database 0.00
How do I get an Object from the Primary Key 0.00
Get Distinct Entries Based On Specific Column in Entity Framework -1.09
Can I SELECT more than one value from the same column +0.37
Generic method arguments +0.66
Unable to add styles and place holder to @Html.TextAreaFor 0.00
Filtering parent object by related object, 2 levels deep 0.00