An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1551.58 (7,313th)
13,761 (10,409th)
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Title Δ
Indexing two similar tables in two different databases: got speed b... 0.00
Javascript page freezes 0.00
How to hand out a number randomly between variables in Java? +0.43
Comparing div style with jquery 0.00
a = !5 < a; what is exactly done in this line of code? +2.08
Strange looping behaviour in javascript -0.16
Node-Red Having Issues Parsing Payload Data -0.17
Regular expression - cannot get the right result by condition 0.00
Ternary ? : operator throws an error +1.10
Trying to display two unordered lists on the same line with flexbox +0.43
Optimize jQuery each loop +1.62
Regular Expression find the all strings that start at the beginning... 0.00
Hyphen in custom HTML-tags 0.00
Using Javascript to randomly select 10 exercises from exercise bank... +0.96
Regex to insert string before each match +0.42
Parsing a string C# (Possibly with Regex) -0.53
Move an element with arrow keys 0.00
jQuery bind() multiple inputs show new value which was changed 0.00
Why does the following code generate 4 elements instead of 2? +0.42
Unable to format RegEx to handle Dollar Sign ($) -1.07
Check if input field value has changed on button click 0.00
Split square brackets into commas, remove first and last comma -1.52
Get ID via class name +0.32
How to display a value from a array index in interval -1.70
Get @value and replace it with a regex in JavaScript +0.43
PHP regexp - how to extract all occurances of a pattern -0.08
Why is rem behaving like an em with this code? -1.88
How can I match number but not string using regex? +0.40
How to split() a string to an array of integers +0.33
how apply another rule to wordpress htaccess with more than three p... -0.26
Htaccess rewriterule doesn't seem to work 0.00
How to check if the page itself had a error loading, with API 23? 0.00
Convert all parameterized dynamic URLs to SEO friendly URLs in PHP 0.00
Using reduce() in defining new string methods +0.72
htaccess redirect ending with number and a letter 0.00
Regular expression for floats on grep -1.07
@Pattern regex allowing only : numbers & empty String & num... 0.00
JavaScript function "X - Y = Z" returns Y as Z value -0.03
Why isn't fadeIn() working? +1.00
Sucessive .setTimeouts jumping intermediate instances of .setTimeou... -0.03
Create regex to check domain and URL +0.43
Python regex group search returns only the first match 0.00
Split math expression? -2.00
Using Notepad++ Regex to find matches +2.76
URL Rewrite Module messing with $_GET variables 0.00
How to exclude a directory from redirect 0.00
Some keypress events doesn't work on Tampermonkey. 0.00
jQuery specific on events for two DOM elements in a single line +0.44
How to find a spesific class,and find a spesific element and add di... +2.16
Regular expression match multiple substring +1.39