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1558.70 (5,731st)
12,358 (11,854th)
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Title Δ
How do we get the count of a list in my SQL? 0.00
SQL stored proc using where in statement -0.33
Select data from multiple tables with same column names and structu... +0.40
query sql SUM only 1 value on duplicate value with JOIN -0.52
How to use dynamic SQL for updating the query with multiple conditi... +0.38
how to select distinct values from 2 tables in sql -0.28
Transpose data in SQL with new column -0.84
Select customer from table A then find customer in table B and inse... 0.00
Group wise count in SQL Server 0.00
Conditional Where Clause in SQL based on selected option 0.00
Get column value with COUNT of 0 in filtered result to display with... 0.00
On Insert: Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data... -0.58
Build an SQL query dynamically based on columns' datatype 0.00
SQL: SELECT rows with max date from created table -0.13
To fetch parent and its children connected thru one attribute -0.54
Match the corresponding cell value for Variable1 to unordered Varia... +0.41
Get header as the first row in dynamic SQL +0.46
I Want to get the total of row using mysql query 0.00
SQL remove duplicate row depend on certain value +0.12
join a to c where table a and table c has only table b as relation 0.00
Create dynamic SQL query for search -1.15
How would I lock a stored procedure that is executing and alter the... 0.00
Delete a record from several tables using a specific value +0.04
Ordering a string containing an integer inside SQL +1.09
How to remove any character then number in SQL Server? 0.00
set Monday is first day of week -0.31
SQL - selecting only certain rows if they exist -0.59
Sql script to correct data -0.76
How to query two tables and return all records from first, regardle... +1.91
Select multiple rows depending on colum values -1.18
Make a Horizontal presentation of table in SQL Query +0.39
Recursively get last record from same table parent child +2.27
CASE in UPDATE produces unexpected results. Fixed when moved to WHE... -0.09
Is there some possibility to create PIVOT with gradual subtracting... +0.98
How can I create a new column from two existing columns in sql -0.23
SQL programming for Calculating Failure Rate -0.02
How to create a session and let the user fill data later +1.53
Count Number of users logged-in in every 10 minutes 0.00
Max value at specific year with a join +0.82
Repeat Row between From and To Date Range 0.00
Split text by space on SQL Server 2012 +2.33
SQL Look up on the same table +0.03
Search by one query in prodecure +1.37
SQL Server : select columns from Table A and join a COUNT from Tabl... -0.90
Get the nearest privileges based on the given reputation +2.45
How to fetch records from two different tables +1.06
Delete duplicate records leaving only the latest one +1.70
Counting consecutive duplicate field with SQL +0.52
extracting specific position of character details from sql +1.76