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Eric Postpischil

1656.88 (455th)
91,475 (854th)
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Title Δ
How do I change the value of a handle in C? 0.00
Improper use of typedef 0.00
Can anyone please help me in understanding this assembly language c... 0.00
Is else...if statement in C equals to else { if }? 0.00
Passing value converted wrong to uint32_t in avr c 0.00
Absolute rounding error and subnormal numbers 0.00
To pass an array by reference in C 0.00
Why does * indirection operator gives address in a 2-dimensional ar... 0.00
I can't found my mistake in my simple C-loop,the printf doesnt... 0.00
Understanding memory allocation for a 2D like array 0.00
Integer vs floating point numbers in IEEE single format 0.00
floating point number precision 0.00
Expand a C array inside a function 0.00
NULL behavior when function returns address of local variable in C 0.00
Why during a matrix multiplication operation does a variable for st... 0.00
Can 'extern' be omitted when using global variables? 0.00
Nuances of comma seperator and comma operator when used in initiali... 0.00
If there is no else-if, how come we can do multiple else-if and not... 0.00
Why const pointer difference cannot be used as initializer for a st... 0.00
Can not reallocate memory in a very peculiar circumstance 0.00
Confused about cpu cache benchmark results 0.00
Why has the type of an empty array a different size within and outs... 0.00
realloc( ): Invalid next size 0.00
program that encrypts messages using Caesar’s cipher 0.00
C Unexpected Identifier - For Loop Increment 0.00
If a C signed integer type is stored in 22 bits, what is the smalle... 0.00
Does snprintf/sprintf overwrite the terminating-null of the penulti... 0.00
execl failing to find vim 0.00
Why can't an array with an unspecified size be followed by anot... 0.00
What shall I do, if C compares two doubles wrong? 0.00
What happens when a int list is cast as a char list in C? 0.00
Defining external variable externally 0.00
Simultaneously creating internal and external linkages in C 0.00
c, printf, double: getting more than 15 decimal digits 0.00
Is it undefined behavior to use functions with side effects in an u... 0.00
How large 'int' could be converted into 'char' impl... 0.00
Init array in C at runtime 0.00
Does C preprocessor directives recompute each time? 0.00
expression result unused in a strcmp 0.00
Example of a static vs automatic variable in assembly 0.00
Binary compatibility of struct in separately compiled code 0.00
Is comparing two same "literal" float numbers for equalit... 0.00
Ommiting second dimension for 2-d array in formal argument doesn... 0.00
Pass by reference or value for 2D pointer array 0.00
Where does the C standard define the else if statement? 0.00
c's void* as argument and return value 0.00
difference between extern declared variables and global variables 0.00
How does cache blocking actually speed up performance? 0.00
When NULL is not all-zero-bits, is an all-zero-bit pointer value al... 0.00
In C, is a declaration of an extern function that excludes a const/... 0.00