An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1502.01 (365,242nd)
61,500 (1,483rd)
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Title Δ
Count occurrences of key in nested dictionary with same value then... -2.08
Counting how many factors an integer has +0.48
Filtering pandas dataframe using element of list +0.63
Sorting a list of files to be uploaded in order -1.50
Finding maximum product of two columns after groupby function 0.00
Fastest way to slice a list with upper bound not in the list +0.92
check if all the values for different keys are the same +0.37
awk :: how to find matching words in two files +1.84
Python: Find a name in a list of lists -0.00
How to find item between two items in list? -0.33
How to convert decimals to rounded fractions? 0.00
Using regex to match variations of a string +0.56
AWK get attribute value from XML element -0.28
How to check if the whole input string (real numbers separated by a... +1.21
Why is this sed command only working on every other match? -0.59
Get all words that come after specific word +0.51
How to merge Multiple lines into one line only if the previous line... -1.88
Efficiently counting tokens column-wise in Bash/Awk/Perl -1.45
Python regex module not finding all matches even with overlapping =... +0.50
Python3.8 `all()` not short circuiting -1.39
List comprehension in Python under specific circumstances +0.45
joining two files based on first column IDs -0.27
How can I get my Perl one-liner to show only the first regex match... -0.81
nested for and if inside a list comprehension +1.41
How to carry out an operation on a column returned by Unix awk comm... -0.27
Awk to print a single next word followin a pattern match +0.82
Regular expressions (regex) - How to split a string by the first X... +1.28
Regex to extract all possible combinations of characters between gr... +2.73
How to get a specific number position on the list? -0.42
Removing rows that contains "(null)" value from a text file +0.50
Iterate over the array searching for multiple elements in Bash -0.20
How do I add only the positive numbers in a ruby array? 0.00
Euler 10, Sum of primes to 2000000 -1.76
Bash: How to get some lines from a file and save output to another... +2.05
How to make last item in a row the key of a dictionary with preceed... -0.20
Python Regex Finding a Match That Starts Inside Previous match -2.07
How to insert a space before and after a character and put on a new... -0.50
transform file with key value (comma separated) into a file with on... +0.52
awk super slow processing many rows but not many columns -1.54
Which AWK program can do this manipulation? -0.23
Add new line with previous line's indentation +1.32
Directing output file name in a variable in awk -0.32
Picking input record fields with AWK +0.17
How can I use “~” as an AWK field separator? 0.00
How do I split a paragraph between customer and customer service ag... 0.00
Grep first line which contain a date -0.78
How to print unique values in a list? -0.88
How to filter a list based on ascending values? -0.40
file is not empty however python outputs the file as empty in list... -0.01
Is there a way to replace all the commas except those in quotes usi... +0.63