An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1590.02 (2,253rd)
107,229 (655th)
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Title Δ
Memory leak line 0.00
[NSTaggedPointerString stringValue]: unrecognised selector sent to... 0.00
How to send an array to C++ function from Objective-C 0.00
Getting Device from ID3D11DeviceChild::GetDevice() method 0.00
Invalid Signature Code object is not signed at all for Pythonista 0.00
Why is the defaults command just returning the syntax? -0.63
How to change Kinematic to Dynamic through scrip? Rigidbody2d 0.00
How to cast an Object to GameObject? +0.37
How to cut a line in Xcode without selecting the text? 0.00
I'm trying to lerp forward the player a fixed distance but it o... 0.00
Multi layer texture shader in Unity 0.00
How can I alter LPCTSTR objects in C++? +0.06
How to access and initialize components of simd types? 0.00
how to add Mac OS Framework on Cmake file for C++ project 0.00
CFLocaleCopyCurrent stale value 0.00
How to know if we can use half4 instead of float4? 0.00
What is the "Development Assets" feature introduced in Xc... 0.00
How to resize only one side of NSWIndow programmatically? 0.00
Objective C - Function declaration/definition between precompiled c... -1.99
Why don't selectors need to pass arguments to methods that take... 0.00
Conversion to NS_ENUM from typedef enum leads to duplicate symbols 0.00
Common Lisp Shebang Script Gives "Command Not Found" 0.00
Unexpected character in prerequisites +0.37
Running main.cpp file in terminal with ncurse header 0.00
How do I install the "true" binary on MacOS? 0.00
How do I loop through a dictionary to see its values? 0.00
What's the difference of the set method that set a retain decla... +1.63
Correct workflow in Xcode to avoid error: duplicate symbols for Arc... 0.00
storing state in a c++ dll 0.00
Metal Vertex Shader Warning in Swift 5 0.00
error: linker command failed with exit code 1 0.00
How to ignore a custom warning in clang? 0.00
Compiling Metal shaders from source on iOS 13 Simulator gives PCH e... 0.00
Xcode not searching @rpath for dylibs? 0.00
Git branches for Xcode targets 0.00
Macro causes compiler error with name of NSString variable 0.00
Error on build my app in xcode..shows an symbol(s) not found for ar... 0.00
What if a framework imports some library which the main project als... 0.00
Multiple Configuration Files Per Target 0.00
Does my Mac App need to apply Network Access entitlement key? 0.00
NSHTTPCookie: expiresDate is always null +0.38
Check if shell script is run via pipe 0.00
NSDateFormatterLongStyle string to NSDate +0.84
Getting the length of a static C array in Objective C +2.64
what is the purpose of module in IOS interface builder? -0.62
IOS: Detecting NSNull from JSON Not Working +0.50
x86-64 calling convention assumes return registers are zeroed? 0.00
could not load URL AVPlayer not playing video +0.37
NSString : leak when assigning value to a property 0.00
Use ffmpeg on OSX Xcode Project for Mac -0.27