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Rating Stats for

David Arenburg

1732.38 (66th)
80,581 (1,024th)
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Title Δ
mutate_at (or across) and ifelse statement +1.33
Sum amount last 6 month prior to the date of transaction +0.44
Join two datasets and fill information for time intervals in r +0.28
Dataset multiplication, multiplying the ratios of DT2 with totals o... +0.72
Forward fill rows in a r data table +1.08
changing one value according to some conditions in a dataframe -1.44
Extracting parts of text string between two characters -2.64
Summing values in R based on column value with dplyr +0.83
Populating a "count matrix" with permutations of R data.t... +0.21
How to find synchronous IDs based on timestamp and value +0.78
apply lag or lead in increasing order for the dataframe +0.97
Removing rows where multiple columns equal an exact number R +0.48
Identify first column values per ID and operate based on that value 0.00
Find first previous lower value for each value in dataframe column +0.21
Sum over rows by group (many columns at once) 0.00
R ~ Vectorization of a user defined function +0.63
How can I locate the first instance of NA in a row within a data fr... +0.07
R: classifying a text variable +0.53
Match a vector inside a vector -0.95
r data.table behaviour with booleans as column selector +0.65
Interpolation using ratios in overall data 0.00
Use dynamic (variable) string as regex pattern in R +0.56
R/data.table: separate columns and count occurences -0.94
Assign quantitative variables to data points in the data frames in R -1.20
How to exclude certain lines when parsing tab-delimited data into a... 0.00
How to parse tab-delimited data (of different formats) into a data.... -1.71
Different results when subsetting data.table columns with numeric i... 0.00
How get NA for values which are not found in a dataframe +0.19
Inner_join with two conditions and interval within interval condition +0.60
Relative variance (Vectorised implemantation) in R +1.12
Adding equivalent columns of relevant data in R +0.12
Separate string after last underscore -3.12
how to find dates that overlap from two different dataframes and su... 0.00
Parsing String and splitting it in R +1.01
Conditionally replace missing values depending on surrounding non-m... -0.28
Creating Data set for Change Point Detection Output performed over... 0.00
How to sort a vector based on a list in R -2.40
Replacing NA values using a rolling window +0.40
replace value in data.frame row by row +0.96
Fastest way to look up value in previous period? 0.00
Unexpected error message while joining data.table with rbindlist()... 0.00
Conditional join in data.table? 0.00
add leading 0 at a specific position in a string (R) -1.25
Rank values column-wise +0.76
sapply() returns list instead of a vector 0.00
Merge data.table by two LOWEST nearest variables 0.00
Evenly distributed differences between their positions 0.00
How to get quick summary in data.table with a look-back window? +0.20
how to get quick summary of count in data.table +0.18
Count number of 1's from right to left, stopping at the first 0 +0.81