An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1494.84 (4,161,676th)
3,745 (44,673rd)
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Title Δ
Entering data from form into database: sqlalchemy.orm.exc.UnmappedI... +0.01
Using python enumerate() to equate list elements -1.07
from: can't read /var/mail/Adafruit_MotorHAT +0.01
Python request.headers differs from what I see in Chrome 0.00
Add Dynamic custom variable in logging Formatter Django Python 0.00
calling super class init when child class is created using type() +0.48
Pandas DataFrame: when using read_csv, rows with blanks are convert... 0.00
Get elements of a sublist in python based on indexes of a different... -0.56
How to read and map the description of the google search result usi... 0.00
SQLAlchemy ORM get rid of global metadata 0.00
Creating functions dynamically in Python -- f(2) cannot resolve (f1) -2.00
Pandas: How to sum data of n days sampled uniformly +1.08
Sorting list of tuples by first element that is a float: TypeError:... 0.00
How to get a module to use the logger from the __main__ file (and i... 0.00
use __gte for string date django -0.25
What's a clean way of putting this big output into a dictionary... 0.00
Assigning values of keys using a for loop in a list or array 0.00
Python flask serve static files like .htaccess and robots from root... -0.46
Python class and method description 0.00
Not able to render index.html using Flask as backend with angular j... 0.00
PyCharm say "Property can not be read" on valid code 0.00
Kubernetes Services not reachable after introducing Ingress with ng... 0.00
Why Python's list structure store the PyObject using **ob_item... 0.00
How can I write text on an image and not go outside of the border? 0.00
Google Maps Directions API Calculating Incorrect Route 0.00
Python and python3 side-by-side on MacOS - Anaconda -1.52
i would like an error check to ensure that the string has vowels in... 0.00
Flavoring Packages -0.24
Adding to a dictionary in python instead of appending -0.27
Access Google Drive API in Python whithout google-api-python-client... -0.04
Handle and checking whether an exception occurred? -0.01
I have created class need help associating the class for values +0.18
A Weird Computation Result from Python -1.79
How to insert the output of a code into an xml tag placeholder (pyt... -0.30
Best way to get the todays notifications for each user -1.83
Is there an easy way to store/view changes made to a Django Database? 0.00
Python del operator not working in my for loop -0.11
Python: request module confirm popup 0.00
exit loop on keypress in either Shell/Terminal or variable change 0.00
Regex - Replacing a matching subgroup -0.68
An efficient way to convert document to pdf format -0.25
No changes in database when use raw SQL -0.01
Load Python source/binary without adding to sys.modules 0.00
Django ManyToMany relation QuerySet using custom intermediate table -0.01
Is there an accepted way to use API keys for authentication in Flask? -4.05
Project Euler #2 in Python 0.00
Django: Selecting distinct values on maximum foreign key value 0.00
Multiprocessing.Pool makes Numpy matrix multiplication slower -3.53
Loop within loop python -0.33
OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory running 2 pipes +3.48