An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.97 (4,384,819th)
269 (416,721st)
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Title Δ
Is forced construction of unnamed variable like "Foo(12,3);&qu... +0.57
Why do the while and for loop have different outputs? 0.00
Error: Expected constructor, destructor, type conversion before '&l... -3.97
Understanding an error in a recursive function? -0.04
Initializing superclass in derived class's constructor -3.56
Copy constructor error c2039 -1.54
How can I edit data in file without the other data being overwritten? -0.62
Slaying the Circular Dependence -2.54
Writing data with ofstream crash C++ -4.63
Vim, Difference between buffer and register +4.15
Accessing private memebers of a class -1.49
C++ Destructor Usage when deleting an object containing a dynamic a... -3.13
Pointer to type int doesn't cooperate properly in C++ -2.05
Typedef works for structs but not enums, only in C++ -1.28
Bool function `again()` getting same result -1.63
Convert a digit char to an int (same az the char) in c++ -3.27