An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1473.90 (4,513,399th)
845 (178,051st)
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Title Δ
Keep waiting for loop increment until not getting function response 0.00
Get position of character with conditions -3.69
php oop connection issue. The error that it shows is briefly explai... -3.38
How to change the structure of my json object using Javascript -1.84
Text to 2D Char Array -0.07
Javascript - checking if frame is empty -> TypeError: e is null +2.21
Not able to install the Perl module Device::USB on Windows +5.47
Why doesn't ld find some symbols from shared libs 0.00
How do I display an xml file properly? +1.11
C++ - trying to point each sub-class to the main class in order to... +0.30
How to make a clickcounter (corresponding with jQuery 2.0.2/2.0.1) 0.00
I can't target the correct scope inside my closure +0.29
Get input fields to change based on value typed (JS) 0.00
Handling multiple objects in a single function -0.97
Match drop down value and array +0.13
Setting a Javascript if statement with 2 requirements to one line -3.25
Padding not working for my text -0.98
Why does my if/else condition with hasClass only fire first conditi... +0.36
Event Delegation : catch event on Element not its children -1.85
Call node route from inside same application 0.00
CSemaphore in MFC C++ doesn't work 0.00
Calling Variable Not Working 0.00
Local storage not working issues with for loop -3.56
javascript method is undefined -3.82
.on('click') in for loop to multiple elements? -0.28
A smarter inline than ternary for dealing with undefined objects +2.27
php get list of files as array, output 1 random file name with exte... +0.18
Warning: Missing argument 1 for getConnection() +0.46
Access to global variables inside Parse.Cloud.httpRequest{()} 0.00
Javascript Conditional Logic as function parameter 0.00
Using arrays to make a study room reservation program +0.22
Show a users answers at the end of a quiz -3.79
Issue on Processing Array Items Into a Div -3.18
PDO Update 1 column multiple rows with array +4.09
how to get difference item between two array object? +0.73
javascript global / local variables and return variable to HTML 0.00
How do I make my counter work correctly? -2.41
Cycle between multiple images 0.00
How to attach javascript to dynamic created elements? +0.13
How to use a value in previous line 0.00
running async with two tasks using nodejs? -1.82
Understanding callback function jquery +0.11
COUNT values in column and produce table of results mysql +0.78
how do I pass an argument as a method +0.74
Javascript - Pull attribute into array/delete items based on attrib... -2.17
CSS how to deal with a lot of sprite without having to create a new... -3.86
Providing JS or iframe like analytics and statcounter to other webp... -3.80
JSON-PHP:parse multiple object with the same name +0.12
Javascript cycling through an object array -0.12
Javascript: Confuse about object property access +2.04