An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.97 (4,384,806th)
329 (375,420th)
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Title Δ
String matching algorithm : (multi token strings) +0.25
Generating all permutations of a given string quickly -3.55
Knight's tour algorithm -0.00
Why the tree resulting from Kruskal is different from Dijkstra? -1.77
Connect points from set in the line segments -1.28
Split intervals into array such that the elements in each array is... -0.63
Dividing area into a given number of squares -3.69
Conceptual: Collect "synonyms" from a list of "words... -3.31
Union of two sets given a certain ordering in O(n) time -2.77
Using a different heuristic for the A* Algorithm -0.01
How to find all possible words? +0.13
How often can a method be performed on a graph -3.97
void error in Arrays.sort() in java -4.33
Comparing two data structures for similarties -4.05
Binary tree interview: implement follow operation +4.32
First N prime numbers optimization -2.83
Why am I getting ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException? +2.45
the center of a tree with weighted edges 0.00
BigDecimal Exponentiation 0.00