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1712.01 (99th)
83,046 (979th)
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Title Δ
Why does the sed command skip some lines in bash? -1.80
Match strings of files in Unix +0.33
Remove a block from a config file +0.23
How do I exit tail --follow on ERROR or FATAL log level 0.00
Get specific output from grep 0.00
Identify patterns within list of words with pattern threshold +0.87
How to convert .properties to linux env export file 0.00
awk: Adding a new column based on concatenated value of two columns 0.00
Mix of regex and non-regex in bash if-statement 0.00
How to delete rows with specific pattern of numbers in between 0.00
bash is eating spaces from date format in linux 0.00
How to use sed or awk to process the content of a specified column? +1.17
Split files by line content +1.02
Find sum of column, divide column value, and print to new column us... +0.71
grep not showing result which read id from file +0.23
How to insert characters in the middle of every two consecutive rep... +1.05
bash pattern substitution to remove an arbitrary long sequence of l... -1.17
How to handle parsing of multiple ranges and individual numbers? +0.75
How to find a substring after a string in a file and increment that... +0.84
Replacing the test with sed 0.00
Avoid matching . and .. when looping through files in POSIX shell +0.50
At the Unix prompt, how do you pull a variable number of lines (whi... +0.85
How to prepend stdout and stderr output with timestamp when redirec... +0.59
How to replace a matching pattern with the beginning of the line us... 0.00
How to insert a specific character at a specific line of a file usi... +0.27
How can I use grep command to capture correlation ID along with jav... 0.00
How do I use glob/regex patterns to rename files in terminal? 0.00
How to import a config file variable, but use a different separator? +0.23
Clean output using sed +0.99
How to use 'sed' to find and replace values within a tsv fi... 0.00
How to replace single quote (') with double quote (") in a... +0.96
How to unzip all zip folders in my subdirectories? +0.18
How do I extract text from awk results? +1.32
Find lines with no matching numbers as their preceding line +0.59
Read first token from output +0.98
How to add verbosity option to control script output? +1.02
Find first occurrence of a string after the first occurrence of ano... +1.01
Bash: how to certain lines but exclude certain lines in between? 0.00
Copying files from a series of directories based off a list in a te... +0.76
Grep to identify flles in a directory that contain all zeros and li... -0.26
remove spaces between fields of lines in Unix 0.00
Bash variable with newlines not being represented correctly within... -0.78
sed an remove everything after the first pattern (only in the line) 0.00
Bash. Replace with sed. End of line problem 0.00
how to check if file exist and not empty in awk using wildcard in f... +1.25
How can I limit readonly variable scope to a function? 0.00
How to make find . -name "*.txt" | xargs grep "text&... -0.26
Bash script to sort mp3 files by bitrate +0.24
Multiple conditional output from single input +0.75
My nestedif on unix shell scripting using sh has a syntax error and... 0.00