An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1491.56 (4,267,150th)
1,039 (148,751st)
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Title Δ
iOS Can't dismiss view controller +4.08
Present alert controller from table view cell across multiple view... -1.80
Siri full sentence order, like sending message via whatsApp +0.22
Facing issue in Siri Integration with custom intents 0.00
Fetch Substring from NSString +4.11
Another JSON Data in UIPickerView -0.05
How to change tableview images when user clicks on a cell 0.00
UIView won't move to a new position -1.30
Getting cell pointer from section and row at tableView +0.04
FontAwesome for UITTabBarController 0.00
How can I calculate number of current VC's in Navigation stack? +4.26
Can I get previous url of a UIWebView without goBack navigation? +0.47
Drawing a very thin line on UIView -3.76
Trying to create an array of dictionaries, keep getting the same di... +0.56
StatusBar background color in iOS7 -0.00
How to match the id's to names iphone? +0.17
byte array to uiimageView in ios -1.26
Core Data not being stored correctly +0.13
Force particular rotation mode on a view controller +0.18
Xcode UITableView Custom Cell xib Image Height +2.07
Dealing with JSON in IOS 0.00
View Shadow in iOS -3.28
Sort NSArray of NSDictionaries ignor case 0.00
NSURLConnection data coming back empty +0.92
IOS : Get JSON Response from URL +2.72
iPhone UITableView : How to remove the spacing between sections in... +4.03
Flitering Search Results 0.00
Why changing the frame of UISearchBar simply doesn't work -0.69
How to open any iOS App from my own App -3.99
How to move viewcontroller to rootViewController on tabbar item click +0.16
iOS - UIScrollView from half to full screen +4.25
Cant add a delegate to a subview +0.37
Terminated due to memory error iOS? -1.95
Resolving Prefix attribute must be followed by an interface or prot... +0.08
divide string into characters +0.62
Core Data multiple objects for single entity -1.93
dateFormatter string for date type 2013-03-24T02:15:23-08:00 + obje... -0.72
Detect length of NSMutableArray 0.00
UITableView indexed implementation with single NSArray +0.10
Searching an NSArray full of dictionary objects not working -0.06
Is there a way to see the temp, cache, directories while debugging... 0.00
Is there any easier way to assign only hour and minute from one NSD... +0.18
How to remove the back arrow ios 7 navigation bar? +0.23
iOS: Open document of an app from another app and save back to the... -3.65
Access Text from Textfield in Subview Loaded from Nib -2.18
Header/Footer height of a UITableView section based on title test h... -1.76
Get three letter month and day from string date? -1.90
How to show UIAlertView for local notification instead of the label... +0.56
UITableViewCells with the wrong IndexPath affected (solved) and Ani... -3.90
Having multiple items in "self"? -2.71