An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1425.08 (4,190,787th)
1,987 (83,739th)
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Title Δ
Infer Generic Type of Interface -2.83
Creating a Movies Windows Phone 7 Application 0.00
What is the right way to make sure Dispose is called on class membe... +1.90
C# forms - Getting time between two dates -2.59
What is Interaction class? +2.46
Multiply TimeSpan in .NET +0.31
Where is the Friend access modifier intended to be used? -2.11
Best way to create an instance of run-time determined type -2.40
Retrieve Data From IEnumerable? +1.56
String split after a character -2.84
autoincrementing alphanumeric id for a table based on unique id of... +0.84
Sum the counts with Lambda expressions -0.46
Adding DataBound DropDownList to DataGrid +1.07
What is the difference between casting and coercing? +0.29
Date format pattern -2.34
How to refresh my grid? and How to calculate the amount of time? -2.87
Multiple Column Constraint 0.00
Filter DataTable Efficiently -2.20
Idea to create setup project -3.48
.NET Issue with Embedded Images +4.73
Memory Could not be Written Error on MSI -3.38
Multiline TextBox with custom word wrapping -3.97
C# List<int> populated from SQL Stored Procedure results -2.46
Include quote marks inside a string? -1.12
How do I store data that is shared between databases? +0.70
C# - Chain Calling of Constructor -2.11
Is this valid C# code? -0.59
control name in TextBoxFor in MVC3 0.00
C# Custom Serialization for Property +5.11
Dynamically setting MaxLength property of a DataColumn with DataAda... 0.00
What does ^ operator do? -1.30
c#- what steps do i have to go through to convert winform app into... +4.44
Changes on GUI (design mode are applied) but when I build the exe c... +0.42
converting array of Unicode chars to an array of ASCII characters -3.62
C# equivalent to VB6's 'Open' & 'Put' Functions -3.05
windows 7 taskbar preview mods +4.93
SQL Server: Separate schemas or separate databases -0.46
What causes "Incorrect syntax near <stored procedure name&g... +6.18
Making specific Text Bolded in a TextBox -3.00
C# MySql MySqlConnection leave open entire program -1.75
Algorithm: How do I fade from Red to Green via Yellow using RGB val... -2.85
What does Random(int seed) guarantee? +2.38
how to make Autorun Setup for win Applicatin Visual studio to insta... 0.00
A generic class or methods to use with Linq to SQL with Stored proc... +2.58
Can you use an asterisk (*) to filter a column in a WHERE clause un... -2.66
If, Then Statement to let User Know Command Could Not execute? -3.32
String manipluation, how to extract an HTML element value easily? -2.10
visual studio and c -0.86
using c# like script in runtime -2.51
mysql JOIN not select the answers if there is no votes +1.97