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1488.19 (4,441,665th)
8 (2,163,290th)
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Title Δ
sum product of 2d with 3d numpy arrays plus a scalar computation +0.54
How to get indices of np.amin of 3d np array? 0.00
Python: Find maxima and discontinuities in a numpy array +0.03
Matching elements of two arrays depending on sorted values (Python) +0.30
copying x>a elements from array python 0.00
Random sampling from a 2d list w/o numpy -0.50
Moving the first element to end in Numpy array +2.46
NumPy - generate multiple intervals +0.81
How to evaluate a function in n variables in numpy? -0.00
How to divide elements of a list by elements of another list with d... -2.35
Numpy: Iterative combination of arrays +2.16
Get node attributes of connected neightbouring nodes 0.00
List of binary numbers: How many positions have a one and zero +0.18
Numpy array segmentation 0.00
How to remove overlapping blocks from numpy array? +0.29
From an array of indices how to create Python ranges? +0.47
Creating an array of successive matrix powers in python: what is op... -0.02
Randomly select rows from numpy array based on a condition 0.00
Python group list to sub-lists lists that are monotonic with equal... -0.47
Multiply Numpy arrays of different sizes -0.46
How to slice arrays with a percantage of overlapping -1.73
Assigning values to numpy cells in one go +0.52
Multiply row wise submatrices fast with numpy 0.00
Convert dictionary with coordinates and values to 2D array +0.76
Numpy merge 2 columns values +2.33
List of tuples of multiple elements to plain list +1.18
Return which elements in two numpy arrays are both equal to X value? -0.46
Python make each matrix in a list to same size 0.00
Performance improvement in numpy array transformation +1.52
Replace all elements of Python NumPy Array that are EQUAL to some v... +0.54
Reordering block matrix 0.00
Numpy vectorization instead of for loop -1.71
How to perform an ND coordinate sweep using numpy meshgrid +2.54
Remove entire sub array from multi-dimensional array if any element... +2.56
Select multiple rows multiple times from a numpy array at once avoi... +2.01
Cartesian join (all vs all) with Numpy matrix 0.00
Splitting a sorted array of repeated elements -1.20
Find row number for specific change in python numpy -0.49
Closest element to a value (Elementwise, numpy array) -1.62
Fastest way summing condition based part of array +0.01
How to modify rows of numpy arrays stored as a list -0.08
Build adjacency matrix from a list of nodes by avoiding for loops 0.00
how to assign values to numpy array given the row indices and start... +0.21
Replace all pixels in numpy array with pixels in separate array unl... 0.00
Convert X and Y arrays into a frequencies grid -0.30
Generate combinations of numpy array elements in one go, and on the... 0.00
How to speed up the performance of array masking from the results o... -0.36
Loop through arrays manually -0.05
Count elements satisfying a condition of two rows 0.00
How to connect matplotlib LineCollection segments that have discont... 0.00