An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1572.43 (3,773rd)
96,710 (783rd)
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Title Δ
Multiple references to a variable in JavaScript +1.56
Create a string with concatenation +0.40
css flexbox, variable height top and bottom with constraints 0.00
tricky css: 3 sections in a row, all 3 can be variable width -0.34
How to read JSON using $.parseJSON +1.59
getting and displaying a javascript object by index -0.27
Elements in Javascript object coming out undefined +0.39
Rounding figures to nearest -1.51
What does this construction mean in java? -0.97
Websites architecture are designed like static content is served by... -0.35
Check if values in one arraylist is present in another +0.86
Does make sense to use DAO pattern with ORM systems? 0.00
ajax based notification/messaging system 0.00
How to return only one column in Hibernate? -0.09
When calling a method, is it slower to send an object as a paramete... -0.04
How do Java objects work? +0.41
Object.create, not correct when JSON.stringify the object -1.08
Separate Application Server vs Grails framework for biz logic? 0.00
tools to analyse my javascript for efficiency? -0.11
How to create objects in an array in javascript -0.12
Use/Purpose of beans in Spring +0.14
Suggestion of how to create a javascript class 0.00
Alternatives to TODO in Java +0.63
Reason and java.lang.NullPointerException bug fixing 0.00
stuck on a java setter method +0.09
JavaScript assignment and conditional on one line +0.40
Post to url but stay on page using Javascript 0.00
How to print out HashMap value? Output like xxx@da52a1 -0.36
javascript If Else block is jumping to Else, even when the Conditio... 0.00
errors/exceptions accumulating design pattern 0.00
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected reserved word -1.32
About Java HashMap sources +1.72
Which Classes Methods to create? +0.40
Returning a single array value with each method call starting at in... -0.09
How to use an "is" method 0.00
Duplicating a function in javascript 0.00
Changing object references in Java dynamic Lists or Maps +0.40
Trying to understand "Capturing groups" in regex with Java +0.19
pattern matcher +0.40
Javascript code exhibiting unexpected logical behaviour -0.60
Wait for async ajax requests to finish +0.41
JavaScript Prime Number Generator +2.04
JavaScript - How to calculate mileage expense total 0.00
DAO tutorial in pure JDBC / Java +0.96
Iterating over a HashMap, two ways: iterating with entry set &... -1.49
JavaScript comparison issues +0.41
Defining Java variables that only accept a specific range of values +0.71
How to merge arrays in two objects? 0.00
Set global variable from async functions +1.65
Why aren't prototype changes passed by reference to a method? +0.43