An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1425.01 (4,190,790th)
2,974 (56,567th)
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Title Δ
How to zip two ArrayLists -0.10
How to get http or https from the url which is placed in page 0.00
How to setup LocalDateTime in Spring XML configuration -0.10
The type java.util.Comparator cannot be resolved +0.11
OpenCSV - Convert List<String[]> to List<Integer> list? +0.12
Java Method Parameter Generics Type +0.56
Comparing a 2 dimensional array to a single dimensional array in Java -0.06
Converting ArrayList to Array in java -0.63
Default height and width of inner forms 0.00
Sorting in Jsp or business logic? +0.33
Stack of Objects "cannot find symbol" when calling method -3.33
mysql joins - how to find all children that belongs to ALL parents -2.89
Is it possiable to have an unsigned ByteBuffer in java? +5.06
What's the difference between JPA and Hibernate? -3.34
Converting String to date using SimpleDateFormat. -2.94
How to reach extended class' function? -1.60"div.x-grid-panel").elements[0].id is not work... 0.00
Hibernate criteria for non-mapped property -0.86
spring ModelMap implementation 0.00
How to call java method in javascript in sencha? 0.00
How to read a random line from a file in java -3.34
Difference between application/javascript and text/javascript -3.02
Setting/Getting foreign key in Hibernate & Java +0.64
String Peek( ) method in a Stack in java -1.20
Substituting value of mysql function stored in string in resultset... -0.76
how to find # of matches of string s in a larger string in java -3.51
Eclipse plugin to know performance of a Java program +1.67
Java: Timezone why different timezone give same value in millisec -2.16
How to integrate hibernate with spring? -3.42
sort an implemented link list -3.31
Disable data checking while importing, and check after? 0.00
What is the difference between BeanPostProcessor and init/destroy m... +0.37
trouble with parsing strings +0.72
What's the proper way to compare a String to an enum value? +0.56
How StringBuilder can be used to read large text files in Java? -0.06
Problems with double & Java.lang.String -Text Fields -3.56
Spring/Hibernate testing - how to drop schema when done? -0.57
When to use volatile and synchronized +5.08
GWT: Showing PDF created as POST response +0.61
Null foreign key, in ManyToOne relation using hibernate [4.1.1] ann... -3.47
Java code reads xml DTD viewer +0.50
controller in spring for form handling +0.63
Java Regex - Using String's replaceAll method to replace newlines +4.63
How to verify an email address really exists by sending a mail in j... -1.81
What's the meaning for object's monitor in java? Why use this word? -3.05
Spring using JNDI with Tomcat... why do I need a META-INF/context.x... -1.80
Hibernate map enum to varchar -3.54
generics with super -0.87
How to return a value from a Map with a method? -1.13
Generics with extends -1.52