An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.99 (4,384,780th)
1,848 (89,687th)
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Title Δ
Switch Case Assignment, none of my cases are providing an output -2.73
Windows Error Messages Translations +3.73
How to search files in windows file explorer with specified extensi... -3.68
Linker errors while compiling MFC program 0.00
How to generate windows memory dump when application crashes.? +4.56
Why can the .exe file under the Release folder be used to debug in... +0.07
How to get the same MAC address? -3.64
How to show a dialog from another dialog? +0.28
How to know when writing a file has been finished? 0.00
Copy constructor when declaring two objects +4.20
MFC Custom Keyboard DLL Accessed from Application Dialog Box 0.00
How does a JNI DLL search for its dependent native DLL? -0.05
Variable value excessively long despite being defined as 1 -0.00
What exactly does getchar() do in this code.. [C] +0.26
How to add submenu dynamically in mfc 0.00
Could a pointer be initialized by random address which is equal to 0? -3.81
How to return a value from a function in C? -0.01
Pass pointer to function +2.37
When Passing an Array to a Function, Will the Original Array's... -2.71
is Fork() different in Cygwin (on Windows) and Linux +1.97
Get the running processes which established a TCP connection in C++ 0.00
conversion string to int with cast in C -2.26
Coverity issue : Explicit Null dereferenced +2.36
"Buffer is too small" error when using strcpy_s -2.85
What does the tilde "~" mean in C++? -1.92
Difference between api and call back function -4.01
A variable changing value unexpectedly +0.34
Short version: Error 14 error C2660: 'Player::addSpell' : f... -1.21
How can a program run at specific time? -4.31
while creating RAW_SOCKET error like Operation not permitted -3.98
Is a variable after initialization a reference? -4.17
Issues with C++ command-line arguments on Windows -3.79