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Paul Ogilvie

1495.73 (4,120,693rd)
19,251 (7,137th)
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Title Δ
printf struct like an array C 0.00
how to create a linked list with this struct as data? 0.00
C Programming: After making 2 dimensional array, how to assign a se... 0.00
How to construct the address of a table in another workbook to use... 0.00
CS50 filter RGBTRIPLE notation 0.00
How to unselect the text in a Combobox with dropdown style? 0.00
add pointer elements to linked list 0.00
What is a node in C? 0.00
How do I make a pointer inside a struct point to the same string po... 0.00
How can I make my VBA macro run every minute in Outlook? 0.00
Freeing allocated memory from a const pointer 0.00
Is it safe to call realloc() on the pointer you pass into function... 0.00
How to access second member of struct via pointer? 0.00
Given a person's allergy score, determine whether or not they&#... 0.00
Create a 2D Array in C dynamically 0.00
User defined type variable 0.00
Text highlighting and UNDO in Richedit 0.00
How to change an integer inside a file without coping the file to a... 0.00
I want to execute my if statements for only once 0.00
Local Variable On Stack(C) 0.00
TypeError:LoadLibrary() argument 1 must be str, not None 0.00
VBA How to clear object before Exit Sub within With Object statement 0.00
Would a C compiler be allowed to replace an algorithm with another? 0.00
Don't know why: free(): invalid next size (fast): 0.00
Why would I use a data structure(e.g. hash table) instead of an arr... 0.00
Reading a file containing student names and ages and displaying the... 0.00
Why am I getting errors? 0.00
Looping through files in a folder, code breaks if statement is fals... 0.00
What's the difference between a double pointer and a function w... 0.00
two structs that refer to each other 0.00
Why is stored data corrupted in a generic linked list in C? 0.00
How to Increment multiple datatypes while using generic pointer +0.36
What is the reason to #define and #undefine a macro in an array ini... +2.19
Multiplication of matrices using pointer notation in C 0.00
Inifinite recursion when executing function in C 0.00
Can a variable declared inside a function stays in the stack even a... +0.10
What is the difference between making an array with {} and assignin... -1.82
This piece of code is giving segmentation fault 0.00
How to seek and replace data/line in opened file 0.00
What should I change 'RED' to? 0.00
Overuse of Pragma Pack(1) 0.00
Sorting array of letters in alphabetical order 0.00
Reverse String with a pointer to a function, which executes the Str... -1.02
Finding the most frequent character of an input text file 0.00
Is there any way to convert info from txt directly into struct decl... +0.01
When address is changed values gets altered 0.00
The equivalent python exec/eval commands in C -2.45
My C program's "for" loop is stalling after 3 iterati... 0.00
Reading a file in a table format and print it -1.76
Linked List Queue in C: Exception thrown: read access violation. te... -2.18