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1513.51 (49,065th)
8,852 (17,523rd)
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Title Δ
How can I replace certain characters within a String in Java? -0.52
Anybody knows why is this compiling successfully? -1.25
Compilation error using Eigen library 0.00
swapping string in c using pointer -1.70
Pthread_mutex_lock returning access error 0.00
How to run a java application from a batch file under Windows 7 wit... +0.84
Tomcat Version 7, unable to log in -0.02
UUID shortening +1.02
How to convert from ASCII to string or symbol -0.99
Tabs vs Space indentation +1.93
replacing/ignoring punctuation in string java +0.47
what is the output of this code and how? -1.58
If statement hack, is there is better way to write this? +0.71
C++ weird error with variable not being declared in scope, when it... -0.56
convert curl query to ajax query using mootools +0.23
Avoid duplicate code in POJO Class +0.92
Array of Enemies, 2D Java Game -0.02
Java - What's wrong with this simple program? +1.88
Why does my Common Lisp loop only work on trivial code? +0.47
Is this code a working critical section wrapper class +0.62
Why my parsing doesn't work? -0.52
Bug in Text Editor Program -1.05
Linking error in simple C program using a C++ header -0.53
Should programmers use STL or write their own code? +0.90
Java Array Load from Attribute -1.00
C++ If statement problem - displaying wrong info +1.22
Variable Declaration in C -1.02
mvn is not recognized after installation Maven 3 0.00
C Programming - Writing text file that compiles itself -0.27
C++ macros with define or inline? +1.14
Segmentation fault +2.07
Looping forever? +0.48
BST with a recursion and given structures 0.00
Need help with String Java +0.45
Linking fails when missing implementation of a not-used pure virtua... -0.84
How to get the current date/time in java -0.28
Multithreading in c++ -0.12
Thread timer in c +0.80
Why use finally instead of code after catch -0.28
What are these javascript syntax called? "/^([A-Za-z0-9_\-\.])... -0.68
How do I draw various shapes in Java ? Which library should I use? +0.81
I need to enable a button when clicking Ctrl+A in table +1.93
scjp question ? what is Au exception here -0.68
how to traverse an ArrayList without using looping constructs? -0.66
Write a java getBonusPercentage() method to return an employee's bo... +0.07
Which is better - mainloop or separate threads? -0.33
Generic WebService (SOAP) client library for C++ +0.23
Where can I download JDK without installation Ubuntu 9.10? +1.24
downcast problem in c++ -0.19
How do I return an array from a function? -0.68