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1568.15 (4,275th)
72,795 (1,162nd)
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Title Δ
Can I use some bits of pointer (x86_64) for custom data? And how if... +1.62
Does a .NET service exhibit thread agility? -1.42
Optimize: VB.Net Load Image From File and Resize, On-the-Fly; Objec... 0.00
Conformance Profile for ORU^R01 message with HAPI sample -0.10
System.NotSupportedException when creating a reversed list +1.20
error sintáctico cerca del elemento inesperado `done' 0.00
Understanding DELETE and DROP command -0.38
Increment integer MSSQL -0.83
How do I return 0 or something else if min(list) raises ValueError? -0.08
Additional information: Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'like... +0.66
ConcurrentBag<T> and lock(List<T>) which is faster to a... -0.58
FTP issue when using File.Move - C# +0.94
Is it possible to run perl script in Visual Basics? 0.00
How to copy a file to a remote computer's desktop when the remo... 0.00
How many times will my recursive function be called? +2.35
Optimal substitute data structure to improve running time due to hu... 0.00
Process Emulation 0.00
Replace many variable-length placeholders in string -0.19
Is it possible to get the username in a database trigger when not u... 0.00
Batch Script Help clearing history NOT issue with cls 0.00
Compare Two Floats Not Working Maple 18 0.00
C# System.Array How to Count or Find How Many Dimensions It Has? +0.20
C# Parallel.foreach - Making variables thread safe -0.23
Is a generated UUID from a String reversible? -2.49
Replacing Activator.CreateInstance with a compiled lambda -0.15
inheritance in Python deletes the original value +2.19
Overloaded method match for ListItem, invalid arguments 0.00
How to save RAM in a python lottery simulator? 0.00
Divide two-dimensional array by 2 using Linq and then print it 0.00
shortening simple c# code -0.93
Win32Processes.GetHandles Does not exist 0.00
How to Convert from double to Int64 -1.54
Cannot convert lambda expression to type System.Collections.Generic... -0.14
Remove colones filters in excel document using OLE 0.00
Fastest way to get any element from a Dictionary -1.00
Are variadic functions deprecated? 0.00
C programming : How to get directory-name if I know the inode-number +0.40
How to set an integer as a environment variable? +2.50
Trying to list all the mondays and their dates in a year +1.79
How to modify each item in the dictionary with the value from the r... -1.16
Collatz Conjecture With Recursion +0.89
Change VB6 Const occurences to use a Function instead -0.59
Is Python a Managed Code language? +0.39
Encrypting a string 4 +1.63
How can List<T>.Item Property be O(1)? Typo? +0.51
<function attribute at 0x01F0FC70> in text file instead of va... +0.15
SerialPort received data lost at high baudrates when stream contain... -0.09
Send and Receive from .NET to a Serial Device "Like" a VT... 0.00
Heap,Non heap and stack ..intricacies of garbage collection -0.07
Two private subclasses to one public class -0.42