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Lutti Coelho

1498.34 (3,859,561st)
26 (1,412,650th)
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Title Δ
error: 'Flutter/Flutter.h' file not found when flutter run... 0.00
Sending JSON + File via Postman 0.00
React router direct links not working on Azure Web App Linux 0.00
EF Core "A second operation started on this context before a p... 0.00
Why does SonarQube claim the `return` line is not covered by a unit... 0.00
how to use automapper in Edit method .net core mvc 0.00
Display value from related table in View 0.00
Build a Layout ViewModel based in a Id from the URL with MVC -2.61
C# - Exception thrown in property setter cannot be caught when call... -4.06
How can i use variables inside a connectionString inside app.confg? +3.65
How to Update a Specific Child Node Value of XML Document in C# 0.00
How to test function level authorization in function app for local... +0.18
Uploading array with angular: how to get errors from the backend? -0.08
"Using" an out parameter -0.06
How can I get the current url protocol in the MVC controller? +4.63
Model Binding in Asp.Net Core from an Ajax call 0.00
NotMapped & Explicit Loading Or LazyLoading EF Core 0.00
Is there any SQL Query to Order NVARCHR fileds as those(852-2010 ,1... 0.00
Why am I getting the error "the modifier 'public' / &#... +0.00
trying to download the word document using open xml from dot net co... +4.03
Boostsrap toggle switch to keep value after refresh -3.42
why can't access the static files? 0.00
Regex for 4 digits including 0 at first position not working right 0.00
Select id record view by Report viewer 0.00
How to resolve HttpPut Error 405 in ASP NET Core 3.1 MVC project? +0.05
Finding and removing array element -3.85
parse table with href html agility pack 0.00
.net core api CORS Get works but cors gets 405 -1.27
Define method in method call +4.01
Clean Text in FCKeditor textbox 0.00
How to reference Object that it has been already declared at the AP... +3.98
JQuery DataTable Inline Editing With Submit Button - Post return 40... +4.17
.NET CORE - DDD + CrossCutting + External API 0.00
HasKey with expression? -3.03
Error on initialize a DbSet without key: Unable to track an instanc... 0.00
Code first one-to-many relationship with restraints 0.00
Send daily notification mail from mvc web app +2.07
How to upload files using IFormFile in C# Core with input type as f... 0.00
The type or namespace name 'Worker' could not be found (are... 0.00
How do I instantiate a control in a static method from a non static... 0.00
C#: How to add xml element at specific position in multiple records... 0.00
Retrieving text from XML with C# +3.96
How to figure out which field has changed in a table? in C# with En... +3.85
EF Core dont full reference between models +4.42
Folder not being copied to Output directory -0.07
Ajax POST object to cross domain core contoller, net::ERR_A... 0.00
Adding attribute in JQuery using other attributes -2.94
Need to set pdf viewer toolbar off 0.00
Function is not running after DOM ready Javascript +0.22
Can NPOI Mapper set the row number 0.00