An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1408.39 (4,409,093rd)
29,543 (4,154th)
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Title Δ
Problem with the ternary operator in fold -1.58
Cartesian product in Numba 0.00
Parsing indentation with FastParse 0.00
Scala multidimensional array equivalent of np.ndarray.shape? 0.00
How to execute multiple commands within the same input 0.00
deleting line with a string and previous line in multiple files +1.25
Bash script. Is there way to shorten my code? 0.00
Scala List Transformation to Map -1.48
How to check if all the strings matching in a file +0.29
Bash check if user exists, if so add number to the username +0.36
Running a process on every combination between files in two folders +1.07
List all unique directories that contain string1 that contain files... +0.59
Bash script to identify empty items in directory -0.57
Getting all Keys associated with the max value in Spark -0.39
MapReduce example in Scala -0.71
Saving RDD's in for loop in scala 0.00
Change file's name using command line arguments Bash -0.94
How to get distinct count value in scala -0.39
textfile with scala +0.45
compare two columns in two different files in shell script +2.45
Is it possible to do the opposite of previously executed `mv -v` sh... +0.10
Remove Duplicates from the List recursively +1.71
How to display content of a file which added from past 5 mins witho... -0.51
How to read Java files with contain many splits +1.13
Recursively search in all file which contain multiple same pattern... 0.00
Search for a mention of each filename contained in a directory, in... +0.63
Changing first word in matched variable lines 0.00
Scala: Transforming List of Strings containing long descriptions to... -0.39
How to append lots of variables to one variable with a simple command -0.25
How can I print symbols from a String to a txt file? 0.00
List of Option to list of String in scala +0.11
scala convert List(Some()) to List(string) -0.54
How to print items through two for loops in Java +0.13
Bash script to stdout stuck with redirect -0.41
Stringbuilder (Scala) - Substituting all instances of one character... 0.00
Matching regex pattern in Array of Strings +0.15
How to remove duplicate lines in a text file in Bourn shell script? -0.59
Ubuntu shell script save second file of the directory as a variable 0.00
Each string with quotes around it as own element in array -1.00
tar files using for loop 0.00
Bash elseif statements and prefixes to strings 0.00
How to limit a search of a directory with "find" command? +0.47
How can I run through every permutation in my Traveling Salesman pr... 0.00
parse two mapping file and extract mapping for a particular clientId 0.00
String concatenation in Scala -0.25
Strange behavior of backtick when it is used for filename 0.00
Use bash wait in for-loop +0.63
Searching for Files by Date modified and listing the relative dir +0.13
stringbuilder Scala drop duplicate chars +0.63
How to remove' identifier expected but integer literal found er... +1.61