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Bhavik Modi

1468.02 (4,395,331st)
380 (334,649th)
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Title Δ
How to change shape of bottomTab -0.22
How to disable vertical scrolling in UITextView? +0.37
how to loop through an array of objects and create a json object? +0.64
How to write if condition with using label text (Int) values +0.10
What is date format for string "2019-06-22T01:11:08.996Z"? 0.00
convert base64 to image while not connecting to internet +0.38
What will happen if I change apple id associated with Apple Develop... -4.02
Unable to access UIView subclass IBOutlets From TabBarController -1.73
How can I count the item of property as an array inside a class? -1.57
New version for iOS app in status "Ready for Submit" on m... +5.51
Create Object from JSON Object in Swift 5 +4.21
How to make custom label as UINavBar disappear when scrolling down... 0.00
Each UITableViewCell has its own task (Webservice call) and should... +1.87
How to filter all sections from an UITableView to get the wanted it... -0.95
Filtering out integer from NSManaged object -2.21
Completely disable 'backspace' being pressed Swift -3.36
Collection View inside table view delegate -3.41
Is it possible to convert an Android Studio App to IOS? (Java) -3.70
where to find iPhone device UDID? if iTunes expected to be retired... -2.05
UIGesturerecognizer is not working on UIView +1.38
How do i fix " Dictionary literal contains duplicate keys &quo... 0.00
Form an array of Integers from integer value -3.59
Unable to parse array of dictionary inside string +0.40
How can I hide a UITabbarIcon? -3.81
Custom Attributed string action in swift 0.00
How to check view scrollable position when scrollview scroll 0.00
Can somebody explain me how to make my JSON inside of : let paramet... +0.89
how to know when text is copied from a specific textfield in object... -2.79
Do I need to wait for Xcode 10.3 to test on iOS 12.3? 0.00
How get days name from two days in swift +4.32
How to post the nested dictionary as JSON body using swift 0.00
This iPhone 7 (Model 1660, 1778, 1779, 1780) is running iOS 12.3.1... -3.87
load html, css and js files from a zip file into the webView 0.00
How to generate APN certificate so that it should handle to support... +4.22
If I renew my distribution certificate, do I need to renew my notif... 0.00
Convert decrypted string into JSON object -3.52
Xcode 10.2 does not open after installation from App Store 0.00
Reposition UIButtons programmatically +6.02
How to cut of corners of UIButton, not round them? -3.18
Have button in UIToolbar cover full height below iPhone X Home Indi... -1.80
How to differentiate between event saved through my app and event s... -3.61
Cannot touch the UIView containing AVPlayerLayer -3.63
How to change the UIText view vertical scrollbar indicator color? +3.92
Ios transfer app from one account to other account when in status &... 0.00
Fabric/Crashlytics incompatible swift versions -3.84
Application Class in IOS Swift -4.07
cell dimension rowHeight size -3.98
How to find and replace all *=* with * = * -2.85
Xcode Simulator does not show additionally installed iOS versions +3.74
To fix the issues 0.00