An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1489.16 (4,304,482nd)
761 (191,994th)
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Title Δ
Writing UI tests for React-native app using espresso -3.92
How do i relaunch application from start for every individual test... -0.01
How to sign out of google account that is authenticated with Androi... 0.00
Espresso activity stack 0.00
How to get code coverage reports from google Firebase for Android E... 0.00
Access variable from another file in JS 0.00
How to download images from mobile application using webdriver\appi... +4.11
Appium Inspector connection error +0.09
Code Coverage on Android using Appium 0.00
How can I get element handles for testing my Cordova app with Appium? 0.00
How to execute single command by using Appium Xcode Instruments +4.16
Android 4.4.3 web view doesn't follow redirects anymore -3.30
HAXM and Lollipop -3.48
Where are the server/bot logs with xcode6-beta4 0.00
Xcode 6 Toolchain Build Error 0.00
Android studio with actionbar sherlock, sliding menu and google pla... 0.00
Location service do not work with HAX mode in android emulator 0.00
How to use node modules with in UIAutomation 0.00
How to enter text into a textfield in a web view using UIAutomation 0.00
rbenv with hook 0.00
Blank white screenshots while taking screenshots with selenium webd... -0.05
Android : why does native_start fails in startNavigating() on Andro... 0.00
Is it possible that a form does not recognize values entered throug... 0.00
Easiest way to get "next" element in a sequence? -2.42
ADB cannot detect my Kindle Fire on Windows 7, but Device Manager can +2.56
Getting the full RSpec test name from within a before(:each) block 0.00
Length of member names -3.06
What a tester need to do when he found a bug and the dev does not w... -2.75
Is an empty try/catch equal to catching Exception? -0.68
Have/Want List Matching Algorithm +2.94
tdd with non-trivial algorithms -1.58
Using factory_girl in Rails with associations that have unique cons... +3.07
Built-in PHP function to reset the indexes of an array? -3.75
How to tell whether a variable has been initialized in C#? +1.38
What software programming language is like Ruby? -3.47
Error connecting to Oracle from Visual Studio +0.03
What do you tell people your profession is? -0.71
tool to generate xml file from xsd (for testing) 0.00
Troubleshooting "program does not contain a static 'Main' meth... 0.00