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Moses Koledoye

1686.55 (214th)
63,611 (1,404th)
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Title Δ
Type definition - cannot use basic type as custom type even though... +0.25
Overwrite Python 3 maxheap 0.00
How can I proper date time value from unix time? +0.28
Return best matches for the input query having several features in... -0.51
Sort based on 2 attributes -0.63
Custom formats set in logging.basicConfig for StreamHandler 0.00
Longest common substring matrix 0.00
how to get a range of values from a list on python? +0.23
Ignoring all the non float value when convert string to float to su... +0.24
Python zfill off by one in regular expression 0.00
How to iterate over a tensor in Tensorflow? 0.00
Using python to "skip" a directory -0.26
Alternative methods of initializing floats to '+inf', '... -0.14
Sum all elements of differently shaped numpy arrays stored in dicti... 0.00
Python function-unexpected output +0.24
How do i build a classifier out of two already trained classifiers? 0.00
inspect.ismethod() returns false for the instance method in the dec... 0.00
Using a vector of constraints to a scipy.optimize function 0.00
Python list comprehension for three-dimensional array -3.08
What is the best practice for pushing variables to templates? 0.00
element list multiply sum 0.00
Python split csv by date into list of list of dictionaries +0.24
Mutable versus Immutable objects for recursion in Python 0.00
Make a method that is both a class method and an instance method -0.69
Python Slice operator: Negative start combined with Positive stop +0.91
Exclude runs of the same element from itertools.product -0.39
TypeError: cannot perform reduce with flexible type (list of lists... 0.00
avoid loops and increase performance to update a dict -0.18
Python's 'match' line in _sre.SRE_Match output? Can it... +0.24
Python - sorting a list of numbers based on indexes +0.07
Dict comprehension with a dict subclass? 0.00
Compare list of tuples - Equals no matter position -1.06
Why is extend method not working when i call it using list.extend? 0.00
Cycling Slicing in Python -1.91
Reference to ndarray rows in ndarray +0.56
Django get_queryset method of a custom model manager has no effect... 0.00
Django tell if last item with certain attribute in dual ordering (o... 0.00
Python: How do I wrap function calls, not the functions themselves? -0.12
Working around evaluation time discrepancy in generators 0.00
python functions as optional generators -2.20
Pass required argument to optional 0.00
Shorthand for extracting a high-dimensional sub-array, i.e. array[b... +1.18
Python. Replace elements using slice +0.23
Check if a word is in a list that is a value of a dictionary -0.93
Check if multiple strings exists in list using Python +1.10
Why does the shape remains same when I sum a square numpy array alo... +0.74
Representing date format for three letter month in Python +0.24
Objects of type File must support the iteration protocol, and itera... 0.00
What is the purpose of the sum(rlist) == len(list) in this code? -0.93
How to print rows from a list (CSV) using the results of xrange? 0.00