An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1624.98 (982nd)
18,396 (7,552nd)
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Title Δ
How to round the numbers up to the third digit? 0.00
Q: How to find points at equal distance between 2 objects 0.00
How do I write a custom generator function with python +1.12
Stacking filters around a file object +0.29
Finding peak in an array +0.32
Getting only one result instead of multiple results +0.30
Replacing the last three characters in a string if they match a con... -1.22
What does the boolean in this context do? +0.33
Punctuation Replacement Python +0.70
How do I get a validated input to move onto the next input rather t... -0.19
Get selected node names into a list or tuple in Nuke with Python 0.00
Nuke - Matrix4 camera constraint lock Z rotation 0.00
Running Post-BatchRender MEL Command +0.82
Maya, PYTHON: how do i select all but one in a list? 0.00
Mel Expression Syntax error 0.00
error while importing maya.standalone in nuke 0.00
Passing variables from MEL to Expression MAYA -0.17
Iterating over a large unicode list taking a long time? -2.77
Maya - animation curves for selected objects using python 0.00
Grab the aperture values in .chan camera 0.00
Python Indentation Error on import statement? 0.00
How to isolate group nodes in maya with python 0.00
popup menu and menuItem to display list of items 0.00
Displaying and intrepreting tab layouts 0.00
Unable to display all the information except for first selection 0.00
how to give arguments to a python function in a nuke expression? -0.17
Display connections externally 0.00
How do I print a function in a string? +1.21
reverse words in a sentence pythonic -0.68
Learn Python the Hard Way exercise 36 while loop -0.12
Sum lists of variable lengths element-wise +0.30
Ignore a module calling while executing script -0.18
Why does Python 3.4 give the wrong answer for division of large num... +0.08
Uneven chunking in python 0.00
Python variable string concatenation -0.48
python-for-list index out of range -2.11
Python use sys.argv in a function to read a filename 0.00
How to convert an array to a data file? 0.00
ValueError:use a.any() or a.all() and AttributeError: 'bool' object... +1.38
Python - Count duplicate words from a string of text and output eac... 0.00
Understanding python import of gevent 0.00
Toggle Isolate script not updating 0.00
if, elif and else.. priority and chains +0.94
Why don't Python dictionaries treat keys independently in this scri... +0.58
Python 2.7 Value Error: Need more than 0 vales to unpack (Learn Pyt... -0.67
Python Output Ambiguity 0.00
textfield query and prefix replacing -0.77
Renaming fails for duplicated objects 0.00
Caling upon the smooth all attribute in maya using python or MEL 0.00
Item highlight for only items with child items 0.00